Field of Schemes: Poll says Santa Clara residents against stadium

The fight for keeping the 49ers in San Francisco is beginning to intensify.   On June 8 Santa Clara residents will vote whether or not they want to fund a new 49ers stadium.  The 49ers have already spent $350,000 on the stadium campaign but is it working?  A recent poll released by KCBS 5 in the Bay Area said a majority (54%) do not support using local taxpayer dollars to help build the $937 million facility while 40% said they supported the new stadium. KCBS Poll

Team President Jed Joke is working with Santa Clarans for Economic Progress to help run the campaign of passing out information and spreading the word around the city convincing people their taxpayer money will be best spent on a new stadium that will bring 5,000 jobs.  Problem is many people realize that most of the jobs are only available at 49er home games during the NFL pre and regular season and taxpayer money could be used for better projects.   This is part of the scheme the 49ers are trying to pull over Santa Clara residents trying to convince them it is in their best interests to build a new stadium when Jed Joke is only after the available land in Santa Clara.  I highly doubt Jed Joke cares about bringing new jobs to Santa Clara.  It is funny how the 49ers will highlight how many jobs are going to be created with the new stadium but they fail to highlight all the jobs that will be lost to San Franciscans if the 49ers build their new stadium in the South Bay.  But I would not except anything less from the York family who have only been running the 49ers for a little over a decade with blatant disregard of caring about putting a winning team on the field and keeping the traditions of the 49ers in San Francisco.  

There is opposition to the new stadium aside from the recent poll conducted.  A group called Santa Clara Plays Fair has been the biggest opposition to stand up to the 49ers.  Even though the group has only raised $825 for the campaign it seems the truth always wins out over the spin and big money machine. Organizations like the 49ers can pump big money into local ballot measures to get taxpayer money to spend on a stadium that will make the organization hundreds of millions of dollars however when the truth comes out about how the economic returns for Santa Clara residents will most likely run them deeply in debt as past stadium issues like the Bengals and Colts, with costs skyrocketing well beyond estimates, are indications of what they will face.  Remember, the Hunters Point redevelopment which includes a new 49ers stadium in San Francisco has already been approved.


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  • Mark

    I fell the Cities in the Bay area want their cake and eat it too.
    There is a gentleman in the City of Industry in the So Cal Area.
    The York’s should hook up with him and form a partnership.
    This would be a great thing for the Forty-niners and Southern California

  • tommy

    If Santa Clara votes no, then Industry looks like the front runner: a modern stadium built to order, a huge market to yourself. The best way to keep the Niners is to get a yes vote in Santa Clara.

  • Doug

    It’s the San Francisco 49ers. Fuck Santa Clara. San Francisco is and always will remain the Financial and Cultural Focal Point as well the heart of the Bay Area. I’m not saying LA doesn’t deserve an NFL team, BUT not the 49ers. LA has never had a stable NFL team. And LA should find a team that doesn’t already claim Northern California. And the Stupid Ass Yorks forgot that the CITY of SAN FRANCISCO ALREADY APPROVED A NEW STADIUM TO BE BUILT IN SAN FRANCISCO. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS. FUCK EVERYONE WHO IS TRYING LAY CLAIM TO THEM, INCLUDING THE YORKS! REMEMBER THAT SAN FRANCISCO RUNS SHIT IN THE BAY AREA. THAT IS WHY WE ARE A CITY AND COUNTY CUZ WE ARE THE CREAM OF THE CROP and DON’T HAVE TO REPORT TO COUNTY.

  • SantaClaran

    Here’s what’s going on in Santa Clara. Part 1.
    The 49ers owners are not being honest with Santa Clarans about what the stadium is going to cost. We will pay a $114 million direct subsidy of property taxes, our electric utility’s money, and increased hotel taxes (plus tens of millions more in loan and bond interest). Then Santa Clara will create an agency, the Stadium Authority, to own and operate the stadium. The Stadium Authority is responsible for $330 million in fundraising for stadium construction-primarily from high-risk sources like naming rights and personal seat licenses. Most of the $330 million will be in high interest rate bonds, so the debt servicing will be in the tens of millions of dollars per year. The market for naming rights and seat licenses has tanked since 3 years ago when that $330 million figure was chosen. Also, the rent the 49ers Stadium LLC will pay to play at the stadium will be $5 million/year, which doesn’t even cover the cost of insuring the stadium, much less utilities, employee salaries, etc. Oh-the $330 million isn’t mentioned in the text of the Term Sheet (it’s listed in Exhibit 14), it isn’t mentioned in the ballot initiative the 49ers wrote, it isn’t in any of their campaign literature either. There has been a systematic strategy to not tell the people of Santa Clara about the Stadium Authority and the risks it brings, because of how SA’s at other NFL stadiums across the country have brought tremendous debt to their host cities.

    The 49ers campaign strategy has been to tell us that we are actually responsible for much much less than $114 million plus $330 million = $444 million. So on June 3, 2009 Jed York appeared on Chronicle Live and showed a correct pie chart of the stadium costs:
    The 49ers promptly changed the pie chart to lump the Stadium Authority $330 million in with their share, to make it look like the 49ers are giving more than $800 million – they aren’t! But sportswriters have bought the “$800 million dollar myth” press release and reproduced that number repeatedly. This incorrect pie chart of costs has been mailed to our homes by the 49ers and their stadium boosters group (which is 99.8% funded by the 49ers and led by John York).
    On support our niners, Jed York has a letter to fans that says that Santa Clara is only paying $79 million -so they took off the $35 million in increased hotel taxes, even though that is city sales tax money the city has to collect, and the citizens of our city are giving that money up to stadium debt instead of using that money for something that would benefit our residents-like being able to operate a library on the north side of the city, which residents have been promised, but told that the city doesn’t have the $900K per year required.
    Oh-and the stadium requires extension of our redevelopment district in time to collect property taxes to pay for stadium debt. But the extension will divert $67 million away from our city’s General Fund that is supposed to flow there, so the stadium does cause a large negative effect on our city budget, but the 49er campaign literature says there is no effect on our General Fund. That’s not true.
    Now, as of this past Saturday, the 49ers campaign literature distributed by their front group says that we will only pay $42 million, taking off the money from our electric utility and for the parking garage. Through time, they are claiming that we are paying less and less even though the Term Sheet numbers haven’t changed.
    They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign to convince us to give them hundreds of millions. They will get the cake and we will get the crumbs. The 49ers campaign is treating Santa Clarans as if we are stupid-we are not.

  • SantaClaran

    49ers stadium campaign part 2.
    Now we have the problems with how the election is being handled. This isn’t pretty. Beware of dealing with an NFL team. They don’t play nice.
    First, our Term Sheet promised us 2 votes: one on the stadium funding, the second on whether or not the 49ers could bypass our city charter requirement for competitive bidding. In spring 2009, the 49ers did a survey which asked Santa Clarans if they would agree to allowing the 49ers to bypass our charter. People must have said ‘no’, so the 49ers thought they couldn’t get that passed in an election, because they went to State Sen. Elaine Alquist and had special legislation written just for them (SB43, which actually was gutted and rewritten for the 49ers and the title wasn’t changed to reflect the rewrite for some time). So the state overrode Santa Clara’s charter, and the 49ers took away our right to vote.
    Then, the city council was poised in Dec. 2009 to put a stadium ballot measure on the June ballot, when the 49ers announced that they were writing their own initiative, and they paid signature gatherers to get 8000 signatures to get it on the ballot. The problem is that the paid signature gatherers lied to me and to others, saying that the only way to put the stadium on the ballot is to sign the 49ers petition, because our city council decided to not put it on the ballot. In addition, the initiative doesn’t mention many of the costs to Santa Clarans. It’s written as an advocacy piece, instead of an impartial ballot measure.
    Then, the ballot question was also written to make the 49ers front group and the 49ers happy-it leaves out all of the numbers, doesn’t mention any money coming from our electric utility, doesn’t mention the $67 million loss to our general fund.
    How can this happen? When you have a city council majority that votes ‘yes’ on anything the 49ers want, regardless of what the citizens’ want, that’s how this can happen. 3 independent polls (2007, 2009, 2010) have shown a majority of Santa Clarans against giving public money for a stadium. 40% of our school kids are on free or reduced price lunch here. We have many seniors who are just barely getting by. We can’t afford the 40 years of debt the stadium will bring us. The city’s own study showed
    an extremely poor return on investment for the city if the stadium is built.
    And-the 49ers get all of the NFL proceeds (ticket profits, ad. revenue) plus the Term Sheet locks in their sweetheart deal on training facility rent for 40 years ($25,000/year, less than many people pay for mortgages here).
    This is a good deal for the team but a bad deal for Santa Clara.
    Welcome to dealing with the NFL.

  • SantaClaran

    Hmmm….What happened to my comment Part 1, about the costs? There was one link in it. Hopefully, it’s just being moderated. If not, I’ll have to come back and retype everything. Ugh.

    • Eric Melendez

      I added your Part I comment but it appears below Part 2. The site thought it was spam.

      These are all great comments. Very thought provoking. I think it comes down to people choosing two sides. You either want to keep the 49ers in SF at any cost or you want a new stadium for the 49ers at any cost, whether it be in Santa Clara, LA or sharing a stadium with the Raiders in Oakland. Which side will you stand on?

  • Juan Pardell

    Everyone seems to believe the Los Angeles NFL stadium is a done deal. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Ed Roski may not have his financing in place. That hint came from recent comments by an NFL executive who stated that other teams in the league should contribute funding towards the development costs of a new stadiun in Los Angeles.
    Also, don’t believe for a second the Yorks/49ers would move into the proposed LA stadium. Ed Roski, has been clear that any NFL franchise, which becomes the stadium’s tenant, would have to provide him with a 40% stake in the team. Do you believe the Yorks would ever agree to give up any control of the 49ers?

  • SantaClaran

    The problem with wanting it in Santa Clara at any cost is that we are a community of 114,000 people footing a huge bill that will make the 49ers owners richer and increase their team valuation, while we have 40 years of bond debt, own and operate the stadium (operational costs are huge), and the 49ers get all of the NFL revenue (tickets and advertising) while we get crumbs and a $67 million loss to our General Fund. That doesn’t seem fair. And 40% of our school children are on free or reduced price lunch, as an indication of the lack of wealth in this community. We know some seniors here who are just barely getting by, who can’t take fee increases or cuts in city services, which is exactly what will happen with the General Fund loss.