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The San Francisco 49ers were established in 1946 and were the city’s first professional sports team. Traditions run deep for many San Francisco families and residents from attending home games every Sunday to watching and cheering for the Niners at home or at their local sports bar with rituals ranging from the superstitious to the abnormal. What will happen to our beloved 49ers and the city if they move to Santa Clara or to another city? San Francisco and the 49ers are synonymous with each other. The 49ers are San Francisco and San Francisco is the 49ers. Our city and the residents blood runs Red and Gold. San Francisco and the 49ers have celebrated 5 Super Bowl Championships, 5 NFC conference championships, and 17 NFC West Division championships together. The San Francisco 49ers tradition and history will be lost if Jed York and his family have their way and move the team to Santa Clara.

Please join our Facebook fan page to help keep the 49ers in San Francisco and brain storm any ideas on pressuring Jed York to  KEEP THE 49ERS IN SF!

Contact the 49ers to voice your opposition of the move to Santa Clara:

(408) 562-4949   [email protected]

Mail in personal letters with your 49ers memories and stories. For more of an effect have your kids write a personal letter too along with a drawing they made to illustrate the point of keeping the team in S.F.:

Marie P. DeBartolo Sports Centre

4949 Jamestown Avenue, Room 400

San Francisco, CA 94124

Call, email and mail  Mayor Gavin Newsom to keep the 49ers in town:

(415) 554-6141     [email protected]

City Hall, Room 200

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place

San Francisco, CA 94102

Contact the San Francisco Board of Supervisors:

Mailing Address for Board of Supervisors:

City Hall

1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl., Room 244

San Francisco, Ca 94102-4689

David Chiu (Board President)

Call: (415) 554-7450

Eric Mar

Call: (415) 554-7410

Michela Alioto-Pier

Call:  (415) 554-7752

Carmen Chu

Call: (415) 554-7460

Ross Mirkarimi

Call: (415) 554-7630

Chris Daly

Call: (415) 554-7970

Sean R. Elsbernd

Call: (415) 554-6516

Bevan Dufty

Call: (415) 554-6968

David Campos

Call: (415) 554-5144

Sophie Maxwell

Call: (415) 554-7670

John Avalos

Call: (415) 554-6975

Santa Clara City Officials:

Mayor Patricia Mahan and City Council Offices

(408) 615-2250

City Hall

1500 Warburton Ave

Santa Clara, CA 95050

Other Important Contacts:

Dianne Feinstein at: [email protected]

Barbara Boxer at: [email protected]

Nancy Pelosi at: http://[email protected]

Edward DeBartolo Jr. at:

SF Economic & Community Development at:


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  • Sharon

    I am one of the niner loyals who wouldn’t mind having the team move to Santa Clara. I can understand how everyone wants them to stay in SF–but times are different. There is a huge and loyal fan base in Santa Clara County! Well either way it goes–they are my favorite NFL team and always will be! GO NINERS!!

  • Doug

    Sharon, I am glad u r a niners fan, but the 49ers belong to San Francisco, which is the Heart of the Bay Area, Hence the name “San Francisco Bay Area” I’ll bottom line it for u, the 49ers have all it’s history in San Francisco, and no matter what part of the San Francisco Bay Area u are from,ALL people think of San Francisco, NOT SANTA CLARA!

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  • Eric Melendez

    The 49ers must stay in San Francisco. There is no way they can move to Santa Clara and still hold onto the SF name. You do not want to lame like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Would the 49ers become the Bay Area 49ers of Santa Clara? Or the Santa Clara 49ers of San Francisco? Would their new logo be a BA or SC instead of SF? I agree the 49ers need a new stadium but Jed York refuses to keep SF open as an option. I think he just doesn’t like driving from Santa Clara to San Francisco. The York Family are putting their interests above what is best for the 49ers organization.

  • http://NinerNoise Mizg

    The Niners are also an historical icon to the city of San Francisco. Did you know that the Niners were: the first team in NFL history to win 5 Super Bowls, one of the first professional sports franchise based in San Francisco, and one of the first sports teams based on the West Coast of the United States. Maybe the team could be itemized as a historical subsidy of San Francisco to prevent them from moving to Santa Clara. Also maybe we should try to get in touch with the Morabito Family(the former owners of the 49ers) to speak out against this move to Santa Clara.

  • Doug

    We need to get in the media. Maybe get on “the world according to gary” on KRON channel 4. If we can get a small group of representatives together to go on his show to voice our opposition about moving the 49ers to santa clara. this can create some viewer thoughts and actions to keep the team in SF!

  • http://NinerNoise Mizg

    Dianne Feinstein at:

    Barbara Boxer at:

    Nancy Pelosi at:

    Edward DeBartolo Jr. at:

    SF Economic & Community Development at:


    • Eric Melendez

      Thanks for the additional information. I am going to add this to the page.

  • Joe Shasky

    Hi I am a fourth generation native San Franciscan, whose entire family still resides in the city limits. My grandfather has had seats since Kezar, and I have been purchasing them from him since 2000. My father has had seats since 1978, so I am blessed to have witnessed many amazing Niner moments in my life. I live in the Excelsior which is a short drive to the Stick and tailgate each and every week with all my 100 or so friends, who ALL live in SF. we can be seen at the light tower before games and in section 20 during games. The 49ers ARE SF. Of all the teams in the bay area, they are the only team to be born and raised right here in SF. My grandfather was an usher at Kezar for the first season while in high school at Balboa. He took my father to games, as my dad took me to games, and I will one day take my son. The 49ers are a fabric of life, they are a reason of hope each and every September. The parking lot before games is not only a social event it is a way of life, not only for me but for thousands of other SF residents alike. Since the turn of the decade I have seen the demographic at the games change dramatically; there used to be a lot of peninsula and south Bay season ticket holders, now there aren’t as many. The old outsiders (not SF Residents) all sell their tickets online at sites like StubHub and such. Our seats are now being sold to opponents’ fans, and being occupied by SF resident scalpers, many of which I know or grew up with. Santa Clara is not San Francisco, and it never will be. I and many like me will have to travel multiple buses and take multiple freeways to get to the “San Francisco” 49ers new stadium site in SC. What would Bob St. Clair and Hugh McHelhany think of that? Yeah the parking lot stinks, and yeah it takes a few hours to leave, but have you been to a Giants game or a warrior game, it takes the same amount of time. Anytime thousands of people all leave simultaniosly there is going to be traffic congestion, but people blow it out of proportion. The 49ers promised our neighborhoods like the Bayview and HP that they would build and stay here. In 1997 I campaigned with my parents to construct a new stadium adjacent to a local mall, which would have provided much needed jobs, and new infastructure for the immediate community. the locals NEED this. All I hear about is how Santa Clara needs this stadium for many reasons, how about the average ‘stick employee who lives nearby and depends on the income from the 49ers? How about the scalpers, the trash guys(who collect recycling), and us the Season Ticket Holders??? What will the 49ers departure mean to our city, EVERYTHING! This is a world class city that deserves a world class team, and we have that already. What about our approval of a $100 million bond? Does that mean anything, guess not. I am a business owner and understand the economics of making money, and no one can tell me there is more money down south than there is right here in the best city in the world. In closing, I am dedicated to doing whatever it takes to get this done for me, my family, my friends, my team, and my city. If there is any more that can be done please contact me ASAP. Go Niners, I’ll be there August 14th versus Mike Nolan and the Denver Broncos!

  • http://NinerNoise Miz G

    I’m a San Francisco native too so believe me, I know how you are feeling about the possibility of the 49ers leaving. But you are at the right place (ninernoise) to express your feelings, and to find out what you can do. Speak out when you see news articles regarding the Santa Clara stadium by e-mailing the SJ Mercury, SF Chronicle, and media news outlets. Let them know that you are not for the 49ers moving to Santa Clara. Also ninernoise has an excellent list of VIP’s to e-mail too. Check out “” also.

  • http://NinerNoise Miz G

    As you know football season is well upon us. I think it would be to our advantage if we reached out to the national networks that carry the 49er games to press our message. “That the 49ers should remain in San Francisco.” Len Berman of ESPN absolutely loved Mr. DeBartolo, and I believe he would be very open to the idea. I have also expressed this idea to Jeff at “savethe49ers.”
    Item Two: ALSO, EVERYBODY WHO ATTENDS THE 49ERS GAMES THIS PRE-SEASON & REGULAR SEASON SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED TO WEAR TEE-SHIRTS OR SIGNS THAT SAY, “THE NINERS MUST STAY IN SAN FRANCISCO.” Public opinion is going to win the day in this fight between Santa Clara, and San Francisco. And we (SF) have all the attributes to win.

  • http://NinerNoise Miz G

    Please read the Sundays addition of the San Francisco Examiner dated: 9-6-O9. Article “Tackling the future of the 49ers football” about Jed York.

  • DJ

    What are you SF 49er faithful to keep the niners IN San Francisco?? You all need to get something going to make it happen. So far, the Santa Clara City Council are too stupid to realize that they are about to get fleeced. Their budget is awful and they have signed up to spend MILLIONS on a stadium that they will never get back.

    SF … PLEASE do something FAST … keep the Niners in SFO where they belong.

  • http://NinerNoise mizg


    Could I possibly get in touch with you via e-mail?


  • Ray

    NIMBY! I’d rather not have the traffic congestion, especially if they share the stadium with the Raiders. The proposed area for the stadium has a nice bike path that I use frequently. If the stadium is built the path would be lost to all the people that use it for recreation and exercise.

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    If you want to bare witness to the slight of hand that the Yorks/Santa Clara City Council have used to move our beloved 49ers from the City of their birth, PLEASE check out both of these websites. And decide for yourself.


  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    CORRECTION, To the Above Website:


    The Website Is Titled: Save Santa Clara – Democracy, Quality of Life, Value, & Community.

    Please Check This Website Out!!!

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    KPIX POLL NOTES: That the majority of residents in Santa Clara are NOT in favor of the proposed stadium.

    54% – ANTI

    40% – PRO

    The truth of the matter is that the NFL does not like the proposed stadium site either, the venue is too small, no parking, overwhelming crowds, and traffic. And the Yorks keep on lying, saying it is the perfect site for their team.

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    I have a question for anyone who has experienced this same situation. I tried over a year ago to register on ** This is a 49er message board community, where fans of the 9ers can blog about the team. After I filled out all of my info, and submitted it, a message popped up that has remained on the online registration form for a year, and a half. the message is: *SORRY, WE ARE UNABLE TO REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT AT THIS TIME.* I have also e-mailed twice, to find out how do I resolve this problem, with no answers from them. The problem is I am a supporter of the 49ers remaining in SF, and that site is rife with individuals spinning misleading info for the Pro-Stadium crowd in Santa Clara. This rejection of me, and others like me is Biased, other voices should be allowed to be heard on this forum, to set the fact straight. But all you have is individuals like: TheWiz, FromThe3rdRow, and Peter Proud spewing out misleading information on the Santa Clara proposed stadium.

    If you can, try to join, then spread the truth about the Santa Clara stadium. That the site is too small, and it is financially going to break Santa Clara. Plus the NFL does not even like the site at all. Also check out the website: it will give you all the info you need to refute the spreaders of BS.