Jed York the Next Great Flip Flopper

Two big developments happened this week in regards to the 49ers stadium plans in Santa Clara.  On Tuesday Santa Clara city officials voted to move toward a June 8 election for voters to have their say on whether or not public funds should be used to help the 49ers build a stadium in the South Bay next to the Great America theme park.  The other development, and reason why Santa Clara officials voted on Tuesday for the June 8 election, was the release of the environmental impact report.  In the report Jed York and the 49ers acknowledge that traffic and parking could be huge issues when it comes to the 49ers playing home games on Thursday or Monday Night Football.  In the report it states the 49ers will “inform the NFL they will forgo weeknight games on their schedule” if parking and traffic will be too much for surrounding businesses.

So let me get this straight Mister York, you and the 49ers have balked at two San Francisco proposals, one at Candlestick and the other at Hunters Point, because of PARKING AND TRAFFIC ISSUES! But why then Mister York would you want to move the 49ers out of their storied city of San Francisco to a city that is more than 45 miles away that has parking and traffic issues of its own?  If both San Francisco and Santa Clara have parking and traffic issues what are your other motivations for the move?  Mister York you are saying that with Santa Clara you are willing to give up national televised games on Thursday and Monday night just for the sake of having a new stadium out of San Francisco.

Whatever animosity you have towards S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom and the City and the ambitions you have for the team in Santa Clara need to stop because both sites now have, according to your spokesperson Lisa Lang, parking and traffic issues.  However building a new stadium in San Francisco stays true to the history of the team, allows San Francisco and 49ers to remain the teams name and you would not have to forgo any national televised games on Thursday or Monday night.  I am not a business man, however you are, but I would think that giving up opportunities to showcase a new stadium on national TV is bad business decision making.

Your excuses for wanting to move the team out of San Francisco have been debunked time and time again. Mister York you have become the next great flip flopper.  The 49er Faithful can no longer take you or anything that comes from the front office seriously anymore when it comes to the 49ers stadium.  Now Mister York, you are back to being back Mister Joke, the head Joke of the Joke Family.

Oh and by the way San Francisco released a new artist rendition of a 49ers stadium part of the redevelopment of Hunters Point.  Yeah, your right Mister Joke let’s build a stadium in the middle of Santa Clara next to a theme park and forgo any weekday games all for having a stadium out of San Francisco.  Last time I checked the San Francisco Giants have great ballpark on the waterfront that is the darling of Major League Baseball.  And what to do you know Hunters Point is on the waterfront in San Francisco and not in Santa Clara in the middle of nowhere.  Looks good to me:





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  • PackerFanin408

    I think i counted about 100 parking spots in those artists renderings (and i think most of them are the players’ spots by the practice fields). I will agree with the gist of your post in that York’s beef is mainly about traffic, and giving up primetime games at home would be ridiculous.

    As for your assertion that Santa Clara is in the middle of nowhere, you’re dead wrong. If the new stadium were in Gilroy or Morgan Hill, THATS the middle of nowhere. The Santa Clara location is surrounded by freeways and mass transit. ACE, VTA Light Rail, Caltrain, 237 and 101.

    Last I checked, Hunters Point is to San Francisco as Crackton is to Springfield.

  • TrueNinerFan

    From Wikipedia:

    “Many consider Bayview-Hunters Point a marginalized community because it contains nearly one-third of San Francisco’s toxic waste sites. Additionally, the area is plagued with crime, prostitution, gang and drug activity, as well as a high murder rate.[1] Until the late 2000s the community did not even have a single supermarket serving fresh and healthy foods,[2] but community gardening is increasingly popular in the area.[3]”

    Sounds like a wonderful place to put a stadium.

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • SFGoldMiner

    Leave Santa Clara for silicone chips and roller coasters.

    Who in the right mind would want to build an ungodly shoe box of a stadium next to a kiddie theme park..? Oh wait, the Yorks, that’s who!

    Santa Clara has nothing to offer the 49ers except flat, bland and cheap land that’s unforgiving for its lack of scenery and surrounding activities.

    San Francisco offers tourism of rich scenes such as: waterfronts, high rise buildings, bridges (Golden Gate and the new future eastern span Bay Bridge), Historical Cable Cars, Historical areas such as Lombard St; vast array of shopping, a night life filled with pubs, clubs, 5 star restaurants and a melting pot of people!!!

    What will happen during the off season with a stadium in Santa Clara? It will turn into a lifeless hole of concrete! Sure it will have 1 to 3 concerts, but that still won’t bring in tourism. Can Santa Clara match or surpass what San Francisco can offer as mentioned above?! Apparently that’s a BIG no.

    At least when when the Giants are in off season people still come to enjoy AT&T park’s beautiful architecture, surrounding parks, scenes, pubs and restaurants. And that’s what a new facility will bring to Hunters Point. China Basin in which AT&T park now sits at was not what it was before the park was built. China Basin was much like how Hunter Point is currently. Bringing in a new stadium will flourish its surroundings with new businesses and create hundreds of new jobs and ultimately be a new gem of a romantic city.

    Adding a new multi-million dollar stadium is a huge investment. Spending that millions in Santa Clara would be a big joke and a waste of money with no future development. Invest in the people that will allow for exponential growth towards the prospect of tomorrow! The stadium is not just for the 49ers or its lousy current owners it’s for the people to enjoy for future generations!

    Do the right thing Yorks! Give back, we’re loyal to you and you should be loyal to San Francisco and to the 49ers’ rich history!

  • Eric Melendez

    I am going to guess TrueNinerFan and PackerFanin408 do not live in San Francisco. And if they do they don’t pay attention to what the city of San Francisco has planned for Hunters Point and what they have been doing since 2007 at the site. While I disagree that I am an “idiot” I will agree that Hunters Point is toxic waste dump, but if you paid attention to SF news you would know that the toxic cleanup has been going on since 2007:

    PackerFanin408 said he counted 100 parking spaces, good eye on that one, but again if you kept up with the redevelopment news in San Francisco and at Hunters Point you would know that there will 3,500 parking spaces on asphalt and those surrounding practice fields and open space that you point out are dual use in that they are also going to be used for parking. Looks like plenty of parking to me:

    Also check out:\

    Hunters Point is not in the best part of the city but, again, if you paid attention to redevelopment project news in San Francisco you would know that there is a huge plan that includes a Niner stadium to rejuvenate the area. Living in the City I know there is not much space remaining to build new housing and business without adding to the high rise buildings already in the skyline. So what that means is you have to take rundown and even crime ridden areas and rejuvenate them. San Francisco is a progressive city and that means WE don’t ignore areas just because they have crime and is run down. We make the best of what we have and make it better. Check it out and this is not from Wikipedia:

    “The project, at least 10 years in the making, is the most ambitious redevelopment effort in the city since the 1906 earthquake and fire, Cohen said. It spans 702 acres and requires clean up of a toxic former naval shipyard. Over the next 20 years it calls for building 10,500 residential units, 2.5 million square feet of research and development space, a new football stadium, a 75,000-square foot performance arena, a 300-slip marina, retail stores and artist live/work space.”

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    When the HP project is done and cleaned up; with or without the 49ers on board, it will welcome residents, shoppers, and vistors alike. The York 49er ownership are intellectually dishonest, even before the blue prints were drawn up for the proposed Santa Clara stadium the Yorks knew that PARKING, TRAFFIC, AND CROWDS would be and issue for that site. But wait a minute…these are all the reasons they gave the city of San Francisco why they didn’t like Candlestick, and also the Hunters Point site. For months and months the Yorks, and the City Council of Santa Clara knew that Great America was NOT on board with the 9ers building a stadium next door to their amusement park. But they pushed the stadium issue forward, now Great America has pushed a LAWSUIT AT THE CITY OF SANTA CLARA. Now we have also learned that there will be NO MORE MONDAY/THURSDAY NITE FOOTBALL ANYMORE, due to lack of parking at the stadium site. Dang, even a blind man can see that the Santa Clara site is NOT going to work, when are the freakin Yorks going to get a clue! The problem is the YORK FAMILY should not be the owners of any NFL franchise, they have mismanaged this team on, and off the football team.
    Imagine, you own a storied historical football franchise, in a world class city. You have the chance to have a football stadium on the bay, with views of the San Francisco skyline, eastbay hills, and the bay. And you actually opt for a football stadium next to Great America amusement park, with views of The Drop Zone. Sell the 9ers Denise, you are on record saying that, *you hate football* so sell the team to a local business man. Someone like Larry Ellison, who knows the area, and has the money to build his own stadium. You people are truly jokes, please go back home to Ohio.

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    And PackerFanin408 & TrueNinerFan

    Most of your comments about Hunters Point boarders on being rascist. Don’t you
    realize that over 50% of the members of the 49er team are BLACK? I don’t
    think they would like to hear their so called fans talk that what about their
    brethren. I’m just sayin…

  • Doug

    Bottom line: San Francisco 49ers

    San Francisco= World Class City
    Life, Heart and Blood of the Bay Area
    49er Players claim San Francisco
    Bay Area cities wanna be S.F.
    People R jealous cuz they can’t afford us
    Can’t Fuck With Us
    Everyone leaves their heart in SF
    In the End, the SF 49ers will stay SF

    Opponents can stick that in your pipe and smoke this real San Francisco shit!

  • Michael Antonini

    This is great! Please call me. I am involved in making the new Hunters Point 49er stadium a reality. (415) 533-2829. We ned to activate 49er fans to contact the 49er management about the need to keep the 49ers in San Francisco!

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    Please don’t believe any of the misrepresentations out
    of the 49ers front office about game-day experience
    in Santa Clara – because there ain’t gonna be any.

    Here’s why:

    Hunters Point: 438 acres
    Candlestick Pt: 84 acres

    Santa Clara: 17 acres – and that’s all.

    You can put a 14-acre stadium on any one of those
    three plots – but if you put it in Santa Clara, the land
    that the stadium complex does not have is the land
    you cannot park on.

    In order to drum up that parking, we’re building a
    piddly little garage for approximately 1,700 vehicles.
    The remaining 18,000 cars will have to park in the
    private lots belonging to Santa Clara businesses.

    Get ready for serious restrictions on the use of tail-
    gate grills or any kind of open flames or cooking
    gear. This will be especially true in any parking
    structure – no propane, no charcoal. Our City’s
    Fire Marshal will probably have a lot to say about
    that, and the private businesses are probably going
    to want strict controls on what game-goers do while
    they’re on that private blacktop.

    There’s a lot of buzz and hype designed to deceive
    the fan community that they’re going to have in
    Santa Clara what they’ve got at the ‘Stick – and it’s
    all total nonsense. Please don’t fall for it.

    Keep SF in SF…..

  • http://NinerNoise mizg

    The above E-mail was sent to me by a group THAT IS opposed
    to the Santa Clara proposed stadium. It kind of makes you
    wonder were is our so called SF media, and why aren’t they
    reporting any of the informational challenges that the
    Santa Clara stadium site has. THIS STADIUM SITE IS NOT GOING