Time to Make Michael Crabtree Final Offer

Take it or leave it Crabtree

Take it or leave it Crabtree

The time has come for the 49ers to end the Michael Crabtree holdout by saying they will not over pay him more than what the number 10 slot in the draft usually gets and certainly nothing more than draft picks 1 through 9.  It has been reported GM Scot McCloughan is holding the line by not overpaying him but I think publicly this needs to be said by McCloughan.  The more pressure that is put on Crabtree the better.  If he wants to be a Niner he needs to end his selfishness and get into training camp before it ends.  Each day that he has held out means lost development which will be a lot harder when the regular season starts.  We all know Crabtree’s threat of sitting out the year and reentering the draft in 2010 will not happen.  All he has to do is see what happened to former USC star wide-out Mike Williams when he sat out for a year trying to enter the NFL draft before he was eligible.  Like Williams, Crabtree’s threat will not work out to his advantage and here is why:

  • The 49ers hold Crabtree’s rights up until the beginning of the 2010 draft.  Basically this means Crabtree cannot work out for other teams before the draft if the 49ers do not give permission.  If this situation is still going on come the 2010 draft, one my head might explode and two I doubt the 49ers would allow Crabtree to work out for other teams.  His draft stock will definitely fall past number 10 and probably to the later rounds because he cannot workout for teams and show he is worth a draft pick after sitting out a full year.  This is one of the reasons why Crabtree’s draft stock fell this year because he could not work out for teams due to a stress fracture in his foot.
  • In order for Crabtree to make the money that he thinks he deserves he would have to be picked 7th or higher in next year’s draft.  I am no college expert but I would think there are seven players that are worth the draft pick more than Crabtree especially at wide receiver.
  • The Patriots selected Jerod Mayo with the 10th pick last year.  Mayo signed a five-year $22 million deal with $16 million guaranteed.  Crabtree is asking for five-years, $38.25 million deal including $23.5 million guaranteed which is what number 7th pick Darrius Heyward-Bey signed with the Raiders this year.  The 9th pick in the draft this year, the Packers B.J. Raji, received just under $18 million guaranteed.  I would think the 49ers will not offer Crabtree no more than that amount guaranteed.  Plus with all of the rookie holdouts this year I would not be surprised if NFL owners and players install a rookie salary scale when they negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement before the 2010 draft.  If that happens Crabtree would certainly lose money no matter where he is drafted.
  • Other NFL teams are apprised of the Crabtree situation.  If he did reenter the draft next year his draft stock alone would slip because teams will not want to negotiate a contract with a “prima donna” who sat out a year just to get the money he thinks he deserves.  No team will take that chance.

What all of this comes down to his money.  The 49ers will not overpay a receiver even if he threatens to sit out because they do not think he is worth that amount.  Crabtree just wants to get paid and does not care about the team or his teammates.  Crabtree and his agent Eugene Parker have to be aware of all the potential consequences if he sits out if this is really about money.  Crabtree needs a new agent regardless but if he thinks he will make more money by sitting out the year he needs a new inner circle.  Crabtree needs step up and rise above this situation he has caused to save face with the 49er Faithful.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/chingpea chingpea

    Just drop Crabtree’s ass. No one needs his diva attitude. I hope the Niners DO hold his rights up to teach him and other like him a valuable lesson…

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  • Odquest

    I’ve decided that Crabtree simply wanted to skip Camp.

  • Ron

    Crabtree should hold out. I think everyone that plays on all 32 teams should tell the owners to GFT. Denise Debartolo one of the owners of the 49er’s is worth 1 billion dollars and so are the owners of some of the other teams out there. Those players are subject to permanent injury or death every time they step out on that damn field and fans like yourself want more and more from them, but when they want to get paid you want to tell them to go to hell. The players are the ones taking the risk, while the owners sat back and reap the rewards. 43 Superbowls and all I see is some filthy rich owner lifting the lombardi trophy as though he did something to earn it other than invest some money. Hell the fans, sportwriters and college football deserve the credit for what ever the damn owners get and if M. Crabtree wants a billion dollars give it to him. Too often corporate management have set back and reap the benefits and the work of others from intellectual properties to to the laying of a brick to build a house. While mangement get filthy rich people like Crabtree and God knows yourself get the straps that fall from their table. All of you are suckers if you don’t asked for what you think you are worth, because one day when you will get old regardless of wht you do for a living they will put you ass out to pasture and bring in a young buck.

  • http://thelandryhat Brad

    Ron are you honestly Sticking up for a guy who has never played a down in the NFL you think he deserves more money than Steve Smith or Donald Driver because thats what he is asking for. I dont know if you have ever seen a NFL players home but they are living good. If you work and save enough money to buy a team you can give ALL your money to the players. Its a game and they would all take half the money to do it. What do you think they would rather have your boring desk job or be out with the boys having fun playing football… These guys are paid millions to do what they love so screw crabtree give him what he deserves the 10th pick slot money and not a dollar more he should have ran at the combine and been more of a gentelman when he went to Cleveland. Something about this guy bugged ten other teams…