SF Chronicle Finally Writes About Santa Clara

Did you know you cannot pump your own gas in Oregon? A little fact I learned camping in Oregon last weekend.

Finally we are seeing something written by a major media outlet about the 49ers move to San Francisco.  The San Francisco Chronicle is doing a five-day installment of a series about the 49ers and their possible move to Santa Clara.  The first two articles are great and go in great deal about how everything started and how we got to where we are today.  There is not much in criticism in the articles but I think with this we will see more from the Chronicle writers. Thursdays article should be a good one.

Sunday: How it came to the point where the 49ers are threatening to leave their namesake city

Today: What the city – and fans – stand to lose if the team leaves

Tuesday: Santa Clara’s stadium deal: Too good to be true?

Wednesday: What can be learned from the fight that kept the Giants in San Francisco?

Thursday: Battling columnists Scott Ostler and C.W. Nevius offer their thoughts.

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  • http://NinerNoise Mizg

    Hey guys if you really appreciated the SF Chronicles series on the 49er stadium issue reach out and thank them for it. And tell them to keep us updated on all San Francisco/Santa Clara stadium issues. I have personally called MATIER & ROSS to ask them to write about State Senator Elaine Alquist Dem. of San Jose efforts to change the Santa Clara charter for the Yorks. The Yorks traveled all the way up to Sacramento to lobby Sen. Alquist to change Santa Clara’s charter so they could choose whom they wanted to build the stadium in SC, which is against that city’s bylaws. Folks this blurb came to light the week of 7/06/09, and I only read about it in the SF Examiner. In an article titled: “Niners passing the buck” by Ken Garcia dated 7/10/09. Item two: Next it is time to pressure the local news outlets to take a stand on the 49er stadium issue, do you want the niners here in SF or not? They have bought into this bay area BS big time, but what they don’t realize is that all the NFL focus will be in San Jose/Santa Clara. People are you ready for KNTV AND RAJ MATHIA?

    • Eric Melendez

      I love your comment about pressuring the writers to talk about the State Senator Elaine Alquist Dem. of San Jose efforts to change the Santa Clara charter for the Yorks. I read the SF Examiner each day when I go to work so I am not sure if I saw the article about you are talking about. Anyway, if you are interested in doing a post about what the York’s and Alquist did and how you feel about it write something up and send it to me and I will post it for you under your name. If the Chronicle and other newspapers won’t write about it than the blogs will! We actually encourage guest posts so if you want to write about the 49ers in the future let me know.

  • Doug

    I agree 100%. Is it possible to get a bunch of us against the move to guest appearance on tv networks to voice out opinion and voice the truth about the SF 49ers?

    • Eric Melendez

      I would think it is a possibility especially as we get into 2010 and closer to the date when Santa Clara residents vote for approval. A great Bay Area TV sports show is SF Chronicle Live. I am sure there are other shows we can get on as well like the weekly TV show the 49ers produce during the season. I am going to do some research and get the ball rolling to see if fans can get a guest appearance.

  • http://49erobserver.blogspot.com Gary Mialocq

    Here’s another look at the Santa Clara – San Francisco rivalry from a different perspective dating all the way back to 1938!


  • Doug

    It seems you guys have more contacts and clout than myself and other fans. What else can us fans do to help out and prevent this move from happening?

    • Eric Melendez

      Continue to contact all parties involved. Write letters to the sports editors at the Chronicle, SF Examiner and even newspapers in Santa Clara. The more people here from us the more effective we will have.

  • http://NinerNoise Mizg

    Doug I’m just like you, a native San Franciscan who does not want my team to leave the city of its birth. What can you do to keep the Niners here in SF? You are doing it Doug, you are a concerned citizen who wants the team to stay put. But you can also e-mail, write (snail mail), and pick up the phone and call people who can help our effort to keep the team in SF. Heck, sometimes you may actually get the VIP on the line, and not a answering machine or some intern taking a message. That is how I actually got to talk to former mayor Willie Brown. I don’t personally know any of these people, but I’m willing to put myself out there to keep my team in SF. The situation is that important to me. Item two: Please check out Jeff Kruger’s website, “savethe49ers.com”. Jeff has done a wonderful job of showing how far NFL stadiums are located from the city that they are named for. The Niners stadium in Santa Clara will be by far the furtherest in miles of any NFL stadium from the city it is named for. Remember Santa Clara is 43 miles from SF City Hall, two counties away, and two area codes away. The Niners will not be relocating, but actually getting out of town!

  • Doug

    Thanks for the info and thanks for the support! I’ll continue to help fight for our San Francisco 49ers!