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I’m proud to announce that the 49ers have now not lost a playoff game in the Mike Nolan era. You would think a team without a playoff loss since 2002 would be headline news on ESPN or those other big sites, but unfortunately the anti-west coast bias extends even to 5 time Superbowl champs.

I can’t wait for Mike Nolan to give his press conference on Monday, so he can describe in full detail how much work he put in preparing the 49ers for this past weekend. I can hear it now:

“We made it a point at the beginning of this week to have every detail planned in it’s entirety. I was on the phone with John & Jed York all week long, making sure that they new how seriously everyone in the organization was taking things. I had my finger on the trigger all week and it showed. Everyone on board played a strong role in our plans and if we can continue to get this sort of support, the 49er organization can continue to set lofty goals. I’m going out on a limb and predicting that if things continue this way, we have a very good shot at repeating our success in 2008.”

Ok, so I’m mildly delusional, but Mike Nolan could very well say all those things Monday afternoon. Unfortunately he may be saying them to his dog, unless he’s kicked it into a puddle of fur, kibbles and blood.

As the 49ers played 3 of the teams who actually had football games this weekend, it might be nice to see how those teams did.
Tampa of course lost because Jeff Garcia and the Bucs couldn’t capitalize on the NY Giants inability to capitalize on Bucs mistakes. In other words, Tampa couldn’t do dick with the ball, and the Giants were lucky that Tampa stunk up the joint. Since Tampa lost to the 49ers in week 16, I’m going to rank the 49ers higher in my mental NFL power rankings. As the Giants wiped the floor with Niners back in week 7, I’m going to put them just above Seattle (and 1 million spots below the Patriots).

The aforementioned Seattle Seahawks have a lousy offense. Anyone who had Shaun Alexander on their fantasy team this year can attest to that. Without Mike Holmgren, the Seahawk defense and their hometown fans, Seattle would be lucky to beat out the Alcorn State JV water polo team. Having said that, they had the fortune to play a Redskin team that was playing over their heads and on an emotional high pushing them. Needless to say, Washington didn’t have enough steam to beat a bad Seahawk team and is now looking forward to a long off season to lick their wounds.

I’m pretty sure there was other football this weekend, but I’m not entirely sure. I think there might have been a game in Pittsburgh (“Screw beating Jacksonville, we should go for 2!”), and another in San Diego where a close game became a blowout when Ed Hochuli was conned into thinking LT scored a TD on 4th & short. I’m not upset, but I’m going to have to hear it from Charger fans this week. Then again they haven’t had anything to celebrate in January since 1994, and we all remember how that turned out.

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