49ers will wear 1994 throwback uniforms for these 3 games

San Francisco 49ers edge Nick Bosa (97)
San Francisco 49ers edge Nick Bosa (97) / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The 49ers have some of the best throwback uniforms in the NFL, and fans can check them out for these three regular-season games.

There's probably a sizable chunk of the San Francisco 49ers' fanbase that wouldn't mind seeing a complete switch from the classic red and gold uniforms that epitomize the Niners over the years to those also-classic 1994 jerseys that paralleled the team's last Super Bowl championship.

In case you were wondering, San Francisco does have the best throwbacks in the NFL, and no one here cares what other fanbases think.

Because they're wrong.

Either way, the league allows teams to wear throwback/alternate jerseys for three regular-season games a year, and Niner Noise already went to great lengths predicting which three games those would be.

Why it's not going to be against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 5 is anyone's guess, but whatever. At least we got one of the three correct.

49ers to wear 1994 throwbacks for these 3 regular-season games in 2023

San Francisco is going to put on its home throwback uniforms for two weeks of the regular season, once against the New York Giants in Week 3 in front of a national audience on Thursday Night Football.

Then, on Christmas Day on Dec. 25, the 49ers will host the Baltimore Ravens for Monday Night Football while also wearing their home 1994 throwbacks.

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Those are the two predictions we got wrong, but we are happy to have gotten the third prediction right.

And it's a road game against the Seattle Seahawks on Thanksgiving, Thursday, Nov. 23 for another edition of Thursday Night Football.

The Niners have worn their road throwbacks in Seattle for a few years now, so doing it again for a primetime game on Thanksgiving only makes perfect sense.

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