Former No. 2 overall pick on Brock Purdy: 'He is a difference maker'

Former No. 2 overall pick Robert Griffin III said that 49ers' quarterback Brock Purdy is a difference maker.
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The debate on whether the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Brock Purdy, is any good has subsided a bit as he led the team to an improbable comeback win against the Lions to get to the Super Bowl. Former No. 2 overall pick Robert Griffin III is just the latest former player to praise Purdy.

Robert Griffin III on Brock Purdy: 'He is a difference maker'

In a conversation with legendary Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, RGIII was blunt in his assessment of Purdy: he is a difference maker. Watch the clip below:

In the clip, both RGIII and Calvin Johnson heap praise on Purdy. Johnson shouted out his "clutch tendencies" and lauded the fact that he fully has the respect of the team as it is clear that they love playing behind him as their leader. Johnson even went so far as to say that he is "proud of" Purdy for the way he has been playing and conducting himself.

RGIII went on to call out Cam Newton who has repeatedly slapped the "game manager" label on Purdy despite his stellar play. RGII refuted this, saying, "He is not a game manager. He is a difference maker."

This says a lot coming from RGIII who was one of the more exciting and dynamic quarterbacks in the NFL early in his career before injuries derailed him. He recognizes that Purdy is doing more than just handing it off or throwing screens on every play. He adds more to the offense than many realize.

Calvin Johnson agreed with this assessment, saying that he is definitely not a game manager because every time he sees him he is making a play. Johnson is arguably one of the best wide receivers to ever play, so it says a lot when he recognizes what Purdy brings to the table.

RGIII and Johnson are just the latest former players who have had nothing but positive things to say about Purdy. It is great to have former players defending Purdy to drown out some of the noise from those who never actually played in the NFL.

Despite all of the noise, Purdy will have to drown it all out and go play the football we know he is capable of next Sunday when the 49ers take on the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII.

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