Richard Sherman dunks on Nick Wright for unending Brock Purdy slander

The former 49ers' cornerback is once again defending Brock Purdy from noted hater Nick Wright. And this latest one is maybe the best response yet.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Richard Sherman really has come a long way in the minds of 49ers' fans.

After spending years as one of the most loathed members of the Seahawks' Legion of Boom and the guy who once called former Niners' wideout Michael Crabtree "sorry" after the 2013 NFC Championship game, the cornerback famously joined the 49ers after being unceremoniously dumped by Seattle and helped the Niners reach the Super Bowl in 2019.

And since then, he's been an avid defender of both of his former teams, with particular attention paid to the performance of 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy throughout the 2023 NFL season.

Among the most vocal detractors of Purdy's play has been Nick Wright of FS1's First Things First, who continues to move the goalposts in terms of what the Niners' signal-caller needs to do to prove himself.

Wright was all over the place during last night's NFC Championship game, a contest that saw the 49ers overcome a 24-7 halftime deficit against the Detroit Lions on route to a 34-31 victory and their second NFC championship in five seasons.

Throughout the AFC Championship matchup in Baltimore and into Sunday night's contest in Santa Clara, Wright called the AFC title the Super Bowl, not the game in Las Vegas in two weeks and then later tried to give "credit where it's absolutely due" by noting that Purdy's scrambling during the game was "tremendous."

It's the nicest thing he's ever said about Purdy.

But it was this pregame tweet that got Richard Sherman to clap back on Wright after the game:

And Sherman's postgame response was absolutely priceless. "Aged like milk in the desert," Sherman's retort began. "Narrator: They were fine and that MVP candidate led them to a 17-point comeback win."

Wright has undoubtedly not stopped the chatter, especially considering he's clearly a Chiefs fan who believes that Kansas City's road to another Super Bowl victory is ending with its weakest opponent (did he watch the Dolphins try to play in the sub-zero temperatures?)

But 49ers fans can rest assured that even if Wright has an agenda, Richard Sherman will be there to jump in and be the voice of reason.

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