Analyzing 49ers' undrafted free agents and how they fit on the roster

Building the roster didn't stop after the NFL Draft was over, with the 49ers signing eight undrafted free agents. Niner Noise takes a look at them and sees how they fit on the roster.
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The NFL Draft might have been over, but the roster signings never cease. The 49ers welcomed eight undrafted free agents to the mix.

With the NFL Draft over, the San Francisco rounded out the festivities with eight undrafted free agents signing a deal with the club for preseason.

The team has had its fair share of undrafted free agent success stories in the past, so it's always an interesting time to see which UDFAs are making the journey to the Bay Area to try to carve out a spot in the league for themselves.

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This is the second year in a row we're analyzing the UDFAs for the team, and hopefully there's more success this year after only center Corey Luciano played in 2023 (although the 2023 UDFA, edge Spencer Waege, has signed a contract with the 49ers for the 2024 preseason).

Who are the eight UDFAs? Here's a quick run down before we analyze the fit:

  • Tanner Mordecai, Quarterback, Wisconsin
  • Cody Schrader, Running Back, Missouri
  • Terique Owens, Wide Receiver, Missouri State
  • Mason Pline, Tight End, Furman
  • Briason Mays, Center, Southern Miss
  • Drake Nugent, Center, Michigan
  • Evan Anderson, Defensive Tackle, Florida Atlantic
  • Jaylen Mahoney, Safety, Vanderbilt

As opposed to last year which was a pretty even spread of offensive and defensive players, six of the eight UDFAs for the 49ers this year ply their trade on the offensive side of the ball. Also of note about the two offensive linemen signed, both of them are centers.

Let’s take a look at all eight of the UDFAs, an overview of how they fit in the organization and some personal thoughts on exactly what they can do to make waves.

With any luck, one or two of these players are going to shine in the preseason and find their way onto the roster.