49ers roster: Analyzing 2023 UDFA signings and their fit

D'Shawn Jamison #5 of the Texas Longhorns (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
D'Shawn Jamison #5 of the Texas Longhorns (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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The NFL Draft might have been over, but the roster signings never cease. The San Francisco 49ers welcomed 11 undrafted free agents to the mix.

With the NFL Draft done and dusted, one of the more undervalued parts of the process is the annual post-draft rush to grab the best undrafted free agents in the pool for training camp.

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The San Francisco 49ers have had some success in finding undrafted free agents in the past, which is a key reason why the team has been able to boast such excellent depth while in pursuit of another Super Bowl title.

These players are the reason to follow training camp and preseason games. While a star will be assured of their spot on the roster, these guys are the kind that has to claw their way onto the team and for every single play that they’re on the field.

This season’s crop featured seven offensive players and four defensive players for the 49ers, however, there was no quarterback which head coach Kyle Shanahan was searching for. Here’s the total list as of writing:

  • Jack Colletto, Fullback, Oregon State
  • Ronald Awatt, Running Back, UTEP
  • Khalan Laborn, Running Back, Marshall
  • Shae Wyatt, Wide Receiver, Tulane
  • Joey Fisher, Offensive Lineman, Shepherd
  • Ilm Manning, Offensive Lineman, Hawaii
  • Corey Luciano, Center, Washington
  • Spencer Waege, EDGE, North Dakota State
  • Mariano Sori-Marin, Linebacker, Minnesota
  • D’Shawn Jamison, Cornerback, Texas
  • Avery Young, Safety, Rutgers

The Niners overall were pretty diverse with their collection of players, with quarterback and tight end essentially the only main positions not represented. They obviously couldn’t find the quarterback that they wanted and also spent two draft picks on tight end, so they’re clearly content with the position.

Let’s take a look at the 11 newest San Francisco players, an overview of how they fit in the organization and some personal thoughts on exactly what they can do to make waves.

Odds are at least one or two of these players are going to shine in the preseason and find their way onto the roster.