Updated 49ers wide receiver depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

Here is an updated depth chart for the 49ers at wide receiver after they selected two wideouts in the NFL Draft.
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The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of wide receivers right now. Some may even say they have too many.

After not trading either Deebo Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk leading up to (and during) the 2024 NFL Draft, signing some receivers in free agency, and then drafting two wide receivers, the Niners' depth chart looks different.

Updated 49ers wide receiver depth chart after the 2024 NFL Draft

The top will look similar to what it was last year, but there may be some movement lower in the depth chart. Of course, the Niners may end up cutting one or two of these receivers or they could still trade someone.

Plus, one never really knows what the depth chart will look like until guys start playing, practicing, and earning playing time. Here is what the depth chart looks like as of right now from top to bottom.

1. Deebo Samuel

Samuel is still the best wide receiver on the team because of his versatility. He can play anywhere, and you can put him in motion, throw him screens, give him the ball on a reverse. He can literally do it all, which is why he is the best receiver on the team.

2. Brandon Aiyuk

Aiyuk may be the most conventionally good wide receiver in San Francisco. He is a great route runner, has phenomenal hands, and is quick with the ball in his hands. He established great chemistry with Brock Purdy last year, so the Niners should make a sincere effort to sign him to a long-term deal.

3. Jauan Jennings

Jauan Jennings is everything that is great about the 49ers receivers. He is tough, is not afraid to go up and make a big catch, and he is a ferocious blocker for his teammates. There is a reason the Niners throw the ball his way so much on third down, and they will lean on him a lot next season.

4. Ricky Pearsall

Drafted 31st overall by the Niners in the 2024 draft, Ricky Pearsall has many traits that other receivers on the team have. He is most similar to Aiyuk with his pass-catching abilities, as well as his route running. He will need to earn Kyle Shanahan's trust, but if he does he could see a decent amount of playing time.

5. Chris Conley

The veteran Chris Conley may start the depth chart ahead of some younger players because of his experience and his solid play in the postseason. However, as younger players improve he may lose some playing time. He is still a good experienced option to have.

The rest of the depth chart is on the next slide.