Taylor Swift who? Bay Area punk rock legend announces he's backing 49ers

While the Chiefs may have Taylor Swift pulling for them, the 49ers have a punk rock legend in Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong cheering for them in the Super Bowl.

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets
Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs fans may have the pop star Taylor Swift pulling for their team, but San Francisco 49ers fans have someone arguably much cooler cheering for them in Super Bowl 58 this Sunday.

In a brief clip, lead singer and guitarist for the legendary Bay Area punk rock band Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong, said that he will be pulling for the Niners in the Super Bowl.

Billie Joe Armstrong announces he is backing the 49ers in Super Bowl 58

In the clip, Armstrong is asked who he will be cheering for in the Super Bowl. He starts off by saying that he is a Bay Area native and that, while his East Bay roots make him partial to the Las Vegas Raiders, he will still be pulling for the 49ers in the big game.

This raises an interesting question of who the majority of Raiders fans would prefer to win the Super Bowl. While there is certainly no love lost between 49ers and Raiders fans, with the Chiefs being a divisional rival of the Raiders and with the Chiefs usually having their way in the rivalry, there may be a decent number of Raiders fans who very begrudgingly cheer for the 49ers in this Super Bowl.

Also, while Taylor Swift is more popular worldwide than Green Day is, I think it is safe to say that it is much cooler to have a punk rock legend pulling for your team than a pop star.

I'll take the guy who wrote "When I Come Around" any day of the week.

I doubt that the 49ers will come onto the field bumping "Brain Stew" from their boombox as they run down the tunnel, but they can at least know that a rock and roll legend is with them in spirit.

Let's all hope that Taylor Swift and Chiefs fans take a trip down the "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" this Sunday after a 49ers victory.

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