Brock Purdy had this one-word response when asked about Taylor Swift

49ers quarterback Brock Purdy did not hesitate when asked about pop star Taylor Swift.
Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night
Super Bowl LVIII Opening Night / Candice Ward/GettyImages

The San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs are set to face off against each other in Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday. Before that comes the media bonanza. When 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was asked about Taylor Swift, he had a one-word response.

Brock Purdy had this one word response when asked about Taylor Swift

In the clip, an interviewer asks Purdy, as he stands beside Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, if he is prepared to disappoint Taylor Swift by leading the 49ers to victory. Purdy did not hesitate with his reply: "Yes."

No doubt, most people around the world who may only have a passing interest in football will be more intrigued by Taylor Swift and her relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce than the actual Super Bowl. Her travel plans of trying to get from Tokyo to Las Vegas are akin to the "Santa Tracker" on the news on Christmas Eve.

Super Bowl media week is always an absolute carnival atmosphere that somehow feels equal parts circus and Hunger Games. It is a unique spectacle every year, and that is true to an even greater extent when you add one of the most famous people in the world into the mix.

Both teams play along as good sports during all of this craziness, but you know that they must be absolutely itching, just as fans who are more invested in the actual result of the Super Bowl rather than who will make a cameo in the Doritos commercial, to just get out on the field and play the game.

There is no other game like it with such build-up and hype. For most 24-year-old second-year quarterbacks, you may fear that all of the attention and intrigue could spook them or get to their heads. But with Purdy, it does not seem like a problem. That just speaks to the maturity of a guy who seems much older and wiser than his age would indicate. Just watch how he answers this question.

Purdy says: "You get wrapped up in getting all the glory and the fame and the status, I feel like that's a shallow life. That can fade away pretty quickly." What a poised, mature thing to say for someone his age. They may be forcing the poor guy to do SpongeBob impressions, but you know that all of this is just noise to him.

Come Sunday, he is going to be locked in and ready to lead the San Francisco 49ers to their sixth Super Bowl title.

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