Richard Sherman hands Skip Bayless a massive L after 49ers beat Cowboys

Richard Sherman of Thursday Night Football
Richard Sherman of Thursday Night Football / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

123. Final. 42. 42. 49ers-Cowboys score. 10

The 49ers handed the Cowboys a 42-10 loss on Sunday Night Football. And Richard Sherman did not let Skip Bayless get away with choosing the Cowboys to win.

On a victory Monday for the San Francisco 49ers, coming fresh off of their 42-10 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, many sports pundits that chose Dallas had to figuratively put their feet in their mouths.

One such pundit was Cowboys fan Skip Bayless. He got an earful from his Undisputed co-host and former cornerback of the 49ers, Richard Sherman.

In the clip which has made its rounds on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Sherman didn't just let Bayless get away with a simple "I told you so."

He absolutely tore into him and methodically broke down all the arguments that were propping up the Cowboys all week.

Sherman first of all showed up decked out in what he confirmed was "49er red," he then went on to dismantle all the criticisms that quarterback Brock Purdy had been taking from the onset of the season.

Sherman called out that Bayless "wanted more" from Purdy. He then highlighted how Purdy threw four touchdowns in the game. That number is tied for the most passing touchdowns in Week 5. Sherman also confidently anointed this month "Brocktober."

Sherman also had a rebuttal for the fact that league-leading rusher Christian McCaffrey only averaged 2.7 yards per carry in this game. He brought up the fact that if McCaffrey is ineffective the 49ers have players like tight end George Kittle, who had three touchdowns in the game, that can pick up the slack.

Although Sherman may still be a bit biased toward the 49ers, his analysis in that clip was objective and very detailed, all while being colorful.

Sherman definitely handed Bayless an L, and he really had nothing to say back. The best part of the clip, however, might be how Keyshawn Johnson sat back silently and can be seen smirking and laughing intermittently throughout the segment.

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