Richard Sherman spills truth on why Trey Lance couldn't help Cowboys beat 49ers

If Trey Lance's job was to inform the Cowboys how the 49ers ran plays, he either failed or the Cowboys didn't pay enough attention.

Or both!

Richard Sherman at the San Francisco 49ers game vs. New York Giants
Richard Sherman at the San Francisco 49ers game vs. New York Giants / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

42. 49ers-Cowboys score. 10. 123. Final. 42

Here we were all thinking that Trey Lance was going to spill the beans about the 49ers to his new team, the Cowboys. Boy, that didn't work!

Before the dust even settled from the San Francisco 49ers' shocking trade of quarterback Trey Lance to the Dallas Cowboys, fans and analysts alike were pointing to the Niners' 2023 regular-season campaign and circling Week 5.

That's when San Francisco was going to host Lance's new team, the Cowboys, on a high-profile Sunday Night Football matchup.

It's inevitable. When one player leaves for another team, regardless how, talk about "spilling secrets" and "revealing intel" ahead of both teams' forthcoming matchup will be a talking point.

For Lance, that's precisely what happened leading up to the Week 5 showdown at Levi's Stadium.

Dallas Cowboys, Trey Lance
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Trey Lance (15) / Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

“I’m doing everything I can to help,'' Lance told reporters ahead of Sunday's contest, via Mike Fisher of Sports Illustrated.

Well, we probably don't need to go into the specifics. But, looking a the final score of 42-10 in the 49ers' favor, it's pretty much a conclusion that whatever Lance was revealing to Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy and Co. didn't help.

At all.

And, putting things into a simpler perspective, all one needs to do is turn to a former Niners star defender's take.

Richard Sherman is brutally honest why Trey Lance intel couldn't help Cowboys beat 49ers

Fans will rarely hear a bad or inaccurate take (if ever) from former San Francisco cornerback Richard Sherman.

The now-Thursday Night Football analyst and part-time cohost of The Undisputed had an enjoyable Twitter dialogue going on during Sunday night's game between the 49ers and Cowboys, and that alone is worth checking out.

But, in light of all the talk about Lance giving tips about the Niners to his new team, Sherman's take was about as spot on as could possibly be:

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This isn't unlike what head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters prior to Sunday's game when he was asked about Lance and the reports of him passing along intel.

"You can see the plays on tape," Shanahan said. "You can explain what we look at and stuff like that, which usually you can when you can stack up a lot of tape over years, and we’ve been here for a while and previous. So hopefully he’s talking to him all the time and making them focus totally on that instead of the simple stuff of watching the tape."

Turns out (and the box score justifies it), both Sherman and Shanahan were right.

Nothing against Lance, of course. He has no reason or obligatto stay quiet about anything 49ers-related.

But, whatever it was he told the Cowboys, it didn't do them any good.

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