3 reasons Brock Purdy will bounce back for 49ers vs. Commanders

Brock Purdy is poised to bounce back for the 49ers in Week 17. Here are three reasons why. 
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No. 2: Not all of the interceptions were Brock Purdy's fault

While the four interceptions on the stat line for Purdy are ugly, they do not tell the full story. On three of the four interceptions he had, forces out of his control contributed to getting picked.

The first pick that Purdy threw was pretty much all on him. He failed to see the safety in the end zone and thought he could fit a throw in to Deebo Samuel for a touchdown.

It was a bad read and it was an overly aggressive decision at a time in the game when it was simply not necessary to go for a throw like that.

On the other picks, the throw was either tipped or deflected, or Purdy was hit as he was trying to throw.

This does not absolve Purdy completely. On the one pick where the 49ers were already flagged for holding, Purdy simply needed to be more aware and throw the ball away knowing that nothing good can happen from him trying to make a big play. It was a learning moment for the young quarterback.

However, Purdy can at least take some solace in the fact that he didn’t forget how to throw the ball or anything. He made some bad decisions and had some bad luck, and it resulted in three picks. On a different day, some of those balls get dropped or deflected and fall to the ground.

Purdy just knows that he can keep being aggressive when the opportunity calls for it, but when a play is all but dead, you need to take your medicine and live to fight another day. That’s how he played in the playoff game versus the Dallas Cowboys last year, and it was that mistake-free performance that allowed San Francisco to win the game.