5 prospects 49ers can draft to upgrade the offensive line

The game starts in the trenches, and here's how the 49ers might be able to make theirs stronger in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Arizona Wildcats offensive lineman Jordan Morgan (77)
Arizona Wildcats offensive lineman Jordan Morgan (77) / Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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. 4. Taliese Fuaga. Taliese Fuaga. player. Taliese Fuaga. . . Offensive Tackle. 516

No. 4: Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State

The final tackle prospect on this list is a man drawing huge attention from NFL scouts, with 28 teams in attendance at his recent pro day, according to The Draft Network's Ryan Fowler on X:

It's not too hard to see why when you look at Fuaga's skillset.

Per PFF, he allowed no sacks in his college career and only five quarterback hits. His pass protection is almost certainly why NFL teams are taking a strong interest in him, as very few players leave the college ranks with such strong pass-blocking capabilities.

This would no doubt appeal to the 49ers, too, as if he could translate his pass-protection skill to the NFL, and he would almost immediately become one of the team's best offensive linemen and a sure-fire starter.

Unfortunately, as good as his pass protection is, it seems to be one of the only major developed sides to his game. He's an unvarnished, raw prospect who will need time to adapt to the league. As with Amarius Mims, this rawness may make him an unappealing prospect for a team trying to get over the hump in the next two or three years.

An unnamed NFL scout on NFL.com's scouting report also projected him to guard:

"I see him as a very good starting guard. I think you might need to help him against edge speed if he stays at tackle."

West Coast NFC Scout, NFL.com

This would naturally reduce his value to San Francisco, as the value proposition at guard may be somewhat less than at tackle.