Niner Noise Podcast: George Kittle joins us to talk 49ers offense, Brock Purdy and more

George Kittle was our special guest on the Niner Noise Podcast this week, and he weighed in on the 49ers offense, Brock Purdy and much, much more.

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle
San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

George Kittle dropped in on the Niner Noise podcast to talk about how selfless the 49ers offense is, Christian McCaffrey, Brock Purdy and much more!

One of the reasons why the San Francisco 49ers have been so dangerous during their post-bye win streak is because of an offense that offers up a plethora of talent at all positions.

While competitive against each other, the playmakers on the Niners offense are also mutually supportive, and they've combined to make a prolific offense that's averaging 30.4 points per game, third best in the NFL through Week 15.

Fresh off an NFC West-clinching victory over the Arizona Cardinals, tight end George Kittle was kind enough to hop aboard the Niner Noise Podcast on behalf of his partnership with Alka-Seltzer to talk about the kind of success San Francisco is having this season.

And we dove into some other topics, too.

George Kittle on how selfless 49ers weapons are

Kittle is just one of many playmakers at the 49ers' disposal, and with other stars like running back Christian McCaffrey and wide receivers Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk, it's easy to see how any one of them could get lost in the proverbial shuffle.

Not so, said the tight end.

"All we really want to do is win," Kittle said. "When you're on a winning football team, the stats and the accolades and all that kind of goes with it, and everyone is going to get their day. Deebo has had days of 150 yards, I've had days of 150, Aiyuk has had days of 150. Jauan Jennings has his day of 75 and a touchdown and every third-down catch possible. It's always McCaffrey's day. That's just always it.

"Everyone always just believes in each other and believes, 'hey, we're going to get these opportunities when they come, and I'm just going to have to take advantage of them.'"

Aiyuk has already crested 1,000 receiving yards, while McCaffrey leads the league in rushing with 1,177. Samuel has 959 yards from scrimmage, while Kittle is at 865 receiving yards.

Even with so many proverbial "mouths to feed," each one of the Niners' stars is getting their share.

Especially McCaffrey for whom Kittle has tremendous appreciation.

"When you have a guy like that who can do everything, it makes my life really easy and really fun," Kittle said of the NFL's rushing leader and likely Offensive Player of the Year award recipient.

George Kittle on Brock Purdy doubters: 'It's good for their clicks'

Another one of San Francisco's stars, quarterback Brock Purdy, is in the lead for MVP odds this season amid him leading the league in nearly every significant passing category.

And yet there are those who doubt him, say he's the product of the offense and just riding on the coattails of the talent around him.

While Kittle acknowledges the 49ers' talent, he also didn't hesitate to say that most quarterbacks who play well have a lot of talent around them. Instead, it can be a media trend that stirs the pot when it comes to Purdy.

"A lot of the media might doubt him because it's good for their clicks," Kittle said. "Niners fans are fantastic, and they are very loyal to their players and this franchise. When people talk crap about Brock Purdy, you have hundreds of thousands of Niners fans coming to his defense, so it's very good for the traffic to their pages."

Indeed, many of the talking heads out there can easily rile up the Faithful merely by being contrarian to what so many others are saying.

"I think people are just looking for excuses to not give Purdy the credit he deserves," Kittle added.

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