Niner Noise Podcast combs through aftermath of 49ers' moves in 2024 NFL Draft

With the 2024 NFL Draft now in the rearview, the Niner Noise Podcast is here to break down the moves the 49ers made last weekend.
Florida State v Florida
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The 2024 NFL Draft is now behind us, and while there will be plenty to discuss throughout the remainder of the offseason, in the immediate aftermath, the Niner Noise Podcast is here to dive into the players the San Francisco 49ers selected, those they didn't, and dig into the undrafted free agents who are now part of the 90-man roster.

In the latest episode, your hosts Robert Morrison and Akshaj Dwivedula, take each of the Niners' eight draft picks one at a time, discussing the circumstances under which the pick was made and the overall fit of the player with San Francisco's current roster.

One thematic idea that comes up again and again is how future-thinking the 49ers' draft was.

While a case could be made for how first-rounder Ricky Pearsall, a wide receiver out of Florida, could contribute in 2024 given his skill set, that in many ways the selection is one with 2025 and beyond in mind.

The same case could be made for second-round pick Renardo Green, a cornerback out of Florida State, third-round selection Dominick Puni, an offensive lineman from Kansas, as well as safety Malik Mustapha (a third-round selection from Wake Forest), running back Isaac Guerendo (a fourth-rounder out of Louisville), and wideout Jacob Cowing (a fourth-round pick from Arizona).

You can listen to the full episode below:

And so, your intrepid podcast hosts make the case for how each could be a key cog in the 49ers' roster for the upcoming season, but also acknowledge that all of those picks, along with the final two selections (offensive lineman Jarrett Kingston out of USC in the sixth round and linebacker Tatum Bethune in the seventh), are also guys who should prove more useful in the years to come.

Finally, the episode looks at the players who have reportedly signed with the Niners as undrafted free agents and talk about interesting players who could crack the final 53-man roster, although it is an uphill battle for these undrafted guys.

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