Mike Florio is back with yet another horrible 49ers take

Some people never learn do that? Sports journalist Mike Florio has returned with yet another take on the 49ers that'll have fans raising an eyebrow at the very least.
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Sports journalist Mike Florio earned the ire of 49ers fans when he dismissed quarterback Brock Purdy because of his name. This second Niners take isn't quite that bad, but it's still puzzling.

Some people just never learn.

Sports journalist Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk had one of the worst sports takes you'll ever hear recently, when he said San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy couldn't be the future for the team because his name didn't sound good enough for a franchise quarterback.

And, no, this wasn't said tongue firmly in cheek either. Florio literally got paid to pick on somebody for their name and ignore all of their achievements.

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Maybe it's because it was the Niners, maybe because I love Purdy and his story, or maybe because I have the German last name, Wohlfart, which doesn't have the best translation into English, but that really irked me.

You'd think Florio might take a break from questionable San Francisco takes after that, but he's at it again off the back of the 42-10 drubbing this week of the Dallas Cowboys. Specifically, the bit where the war of words sparked up against after tight end George Kittle wore the F*** Dallas shirt.

We know the story by now, but just in case you forgot, Kittle wore the shirt which was very similar to another certain shirt worn by former 49ers linebacker Gary Plummer. Dallas EDGE Micah Parsons took exception to that, saying that Kittle "made it personal," demonstrating his inability to let others have the last say despite being held totally impressionless after chatting up Dallas all week.

Wide receiver Deebo Samuel, in turn, took exception to Parsons, firing back that the Cowboys All-Pro had already made it personal:

"It was already personal before the game, [We beat you] 42 to 10. I don't think you wanna see us again. It might be a little bit worse. I don't know what we're trusting."

Deebo Samuel

The good old 49ers-Cowboys rivalry. It's good to have you back.

Which also brings us back to Florio.

Florio and Charean Williams were unpacking the aftermath of the 49ers when he brought up why Samuel would bother inserting himself and adding fuel to the fire.

This wasn't necessarily the worst take ever, but then ups the stupidity which begins at 7:40 of this video:

If you're not able to watch the video or listen to the audio, here's the transcript of what Florio said regarding the situation and if the teams met again in the playoffs:

"Because now, now, it's kind of a win if we (Dallas) somehow keep it closer than 32 points. We can at least take some pride in the fact that you said it might be worse and it wasn't. So even though you're advancing and we're not, we kind of stuck it to you a little bit."

Mike Florio

Boy, oh boy, those are words that even Skip Bayless wouldn't be saying. Now before anyone thinks Florio is speaking as a Dallas fan, he's actually a supporter of the Minnesota Vikings, so he's not talking as a Cowboys homer like Skip might be.

But what possible sense does this make?

If the teams meet again and the 49ers advance by 30-10 or 27-3, that's something to take pride in because the final margin was less than 32 points? I can't predict the future, but I think the Dallas media would be focusing less on that and more on being eliminated for the third time in a row by the 49ers in the playoffs. Even if it was a much closer score like 21-17 or 24-20, it still wouldn't be on their minds.

Florio needs to take a step back from the Niners and take a deep breath. This take is nowhere near as bad as the Purdy one, but it's still utterly asinine that Samuel talking back to Parsons in any way motivates the Cowboys. They were already supposedly motivated, and the revenge factor will be fresh still if the teams meet in the playoffs.

And I can guarantee one thing to Florio: Iif the 49ers eliminate the Cowboys for the third year in a row, nobody will care if it's by three points or 30 points.

The end result would be the same.

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