49ers news: Mike Florio has dumbest take on Brock Purdy of all time

Just think, Mike Florio gets PAID to say stupid stuff like this.
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Apparently, 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy's name is something that rubs Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio the wrong way.

Yes, it's true. Some names just sound better for football players than others. And some names ring out nicely for quarterbacks.

How about the longtime veteran, Colt McCoy? That sounds quarterback-ish.

But, even though McCoy has been in the league a long time, having a cool name doesn't exactly equate to having serious success. And, on the flip side, having a non-cool sounding name shouldn't equate to a lack of success either.

Whatever the case might be, just don't involve Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio in that discussion.

Even though he thinks he can be an expert on quarterback names, including the San Francisco 49ers' own, Brock Purdy.

Mike Florio has ridiculous take on Brock Purdy's name, says it rhymes with 'turdy'

Speaking with NFL insider and analyst Peter King on a recent episode of PFT after the Niners pulled off a primetime Thursday Night Football win over the New York Giants, one which propelled Purdy's regular-season record to 8-0, Florio admitted he was having difficulty getting on the second-year signal-caller's bandwagon.

Why? The name.

"When you think of a franchise quarterback, you think of Joe Montana. Dan Marino," Florio told King. "Brock Purdy is just kind of a weird name. It doesn’t sound like a franchise quarterback name. Purdy is a little to close to 'turdy.'"

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So, according to Florio, Purdy can't be a franchise quarterback simply because of his name. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable assessment, right? No sarcasm detected here.

Thankfully, King had the perfect answer and said, "That's easily the most ridiculous point you've ever made."

Let's all appreciate just how on point King was with that response.

While we're at it, though, Purdy does rhyme with a few things. Including the number 30, which is how many points San Francisco has scored in each of its three games so far this season.

And Purdy did the Giants dirty by defying their blitzes, too.

We can go on for a while with all of this, but Florio might get upset.

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