Kyle Shanahan didn't just throw shade at Jimmy Garoppolo, right?

Reading between the lines, it sure sounds as if Kyle Shanahan just took a subtle jab at his former signal-caller, Jimmy Garoppolo.
San Francisco 49ers heads coach Kyle Shanahan (L) talks with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (R)
San Francisco 49ers heads coach Kyle Shanahan (L) talks with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (R) / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Kyle Shanahan recently said he appreciated Brock Purdy's aggressiveness but did so in a way that probably took a shot at his former quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan had some modest fun at his quarterback, Brock Purdy, in the wake of the San Francisco 49ers' dominant Week 10 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On Purdy's first touchdown of three thrown that day, the second-year pro took quite a risk tossing across his body into extremely tight coverage, ultimately finding wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk on quite an improbable throw.

One that both Shanahan and Purdy admitted was exceptionally risky and not the best of ideas.

But, it went for a touchdown. No harm, no foul.

On Thursday, Shanahan spoke with Tom Tolbert and Adam Copeland on KNBR 680, and the head coach instead praised Purdy's aggressiveness even if it potentially could get him into trouble.

However, putting an ear closer to Shanahan's words, it's not hard to see some shade thrown at the Niners' previous starting quarterback, now-Las Vegas Raiders signal-caller Jimmy Garoppolo.

Kyle Shanahan's praise of Brock Purdy comes across as shade at Jimmy Garoppolo

During the interview on KNBR, Shanahan's words were as follows:

"I want a guy who gives us a chance to win the game, not a guy who's just hoping everyone else wins it for him. That's where you want it to start. But I am not worried at all about Brock not being that guy. Brock makes plays. He lets it rip. He's done that since the first game he got in, in Miami, halfway through, and he's done it every game since."

You can listen to the full interview below:

It doesn't take a lot to realize the jab at Garoppolo, and Shanahan even drops the hint by pointing out the moment in the game against the Miami Dolphins last year when Purdy relieved Jimmy G after the latter suffered what turned into a season-ending foot injury.

But it's more apparent when thinking about Garoppolo's reputation with San Francisco: a system quarterback who needed a strong run game and stout defense while playing a conservative style of ball that was nevertheless prone to mistakes and interceptions.

Garoppolo rarely took risks, hardly challenged defenses with throws outside the numbers and more than 20 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

Nearly every one of Garoppolo's passing charts from Next Gen Stats can illustrate that.

In short, Shanahan is not-so-quietly saying that Garoppolo merely let "everyone else wins it for him" with his quote.

Does Kyle Shanahan still have beef with Jimmy Garoppolo

He'd never say so publicly, but it doesn't appear as if things ended smoothly between Shanahan and Garoppolo when San Francisco elected to let the veteran walk in free agency last offseason.

During an offseason presser, Shanahan said he didn't see "any scenario" in which Garoppolo would return to the 49ers again, and many felt it stemmed from that foot injury and the possibility the quarterback was relatively healthy enough to play.

It's hard to say for certain, but Garoppolo's subsequent comments about the Niners' quarterbacking situation during the offseason probably didn't help matters much.

And, perhaps, Shanahan is still thinking about that when speaking of Purdy.

Sure sounds like it.

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