Joe Montana and Steve Young gave this key advice to Brock Purdy ahead of Super Bowl

Brock Purdy shared the key advice that 49ers legends Joe Montana and Steve Young gave to him ahead of the Super Bowl.
Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers Media Availability
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There are only two quarterbacks that have led the San Francisco 49ers to a Super Bowl victory: Joe Montana and Steve Young.

Brock Purdy has a chance to become the third this Sunday when the Niners square off against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 58.

It should come as no surprise that he has received advice from both Montana and Young ahead of this opportunity.

Joe Montana and Steve Young's key advice to Brock Purdy ahead of the Super Bowl

In one of the many interviews Purdy has been forced to do before Sunday's game, he gave some insight into the advice that he has received from both Hall of Fame quarterbacks ahead of the Super Bowl:

In the clip, Purdy says that Montana, who won four Super Bowls for San Francisco, emphasized the fact that Purdy has a good situation around him. He reminded Purdy that he has a great supporting cast and a head coach that he should trust. Montana told him that he does not have to go out and be the hero, he can lean on the supporting cast around him and still bring home a victory.

This is smart advice to give Purdy because there could be a sense that since the stakes are higher and the spotlight is brighter, and he has to do everything or make every play to win the game.

That just simply isn't true, especially when the 49ers have playmakers on both sides of the ball. Purdy should not feel that the fate of this game rests on his play alone.

Young's advice focused more on the mindset Purdy should have going into the game. Purdy said that Young advised him to block out the outside noise and focus in on what his purpose on the team is.

Purdy also said that Young spoke to the team about how when you get an opportunity to win a Super Bowl, you really have to take it. While the 49ers have a roster and coach that you think would be capable of returning to the Super Bowl, absolutely nothing is guaranteed in the NFL.

It is important to remember that the 1995 Super Bowl in which the 49ers dominated the San Diego Chargers on their way to victory was the only time Young would start in a Super Bowl. While Young took advantage of that opportunity, he likely thought he would get another chance to win a Super Bowl in his career.

He never did.

Ultimately, no matter how great Montana and Young were, there is a limit to how much their advice can help Purdy in the Super Bowl. While he would be smart to take in their wisdom, he will have to go on his own journey and deal with his own nerves and pressures as he navigates playing in his first ever Super Bowl.

Everything we have seen from the 24-year-old quarterback suggests that he has the temperament, poise, and maturity to hold up well on such a big stage. But we will not truly find out until this Sunday when the 49ers take on the Chiefs.

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