4 former 49ers wide receivers who will free agents (and 2 who may return)

There are several former 49ers wide receivers who will be available in free agency, and a few of them may find their way back to the Niners in 2024.

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Richie James
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Former 49ers wide receivers available in free agency: Richie James

Yet another smaller wide receiver who is primarily used as a kick and punt returner, Richie James is available in free agency. James was the kick and punt returner in 2019 when the Niners made it to the Super Bowl.

He had three receiving touchdowns in his 49ers career, and he had 23 receptions for 394 yards in 2020 when it seemed like literally everyone on the squad was hurt.

After his time with San Francisco, he has played for the New York Giants and the Kansas City Chiefs where he has had a similar role as a punt returner and seldom-used receiver.

It is a bit annoying that James won a Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs, especially after he got lucky and recovered his own fumble during the game on a play that could have decided the outcome of the game.

Like Trent Taylor, it seems unlikely the 49ers will bring back James, but it is not impossible. Like Taylor, he would be a cheap option who can return punts and function as a decent wide receiver who is low on the depth chart.

The next ex-49er may have the best shot of anyone on this list to reunite with the team in free agency.