4 former 49ers wide receivers who will free agents (and 2 who may return)

There are several former 49ers wide receivers who will be available in free agency, and a few of them may find their way back to the Niners in 2024.

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Kendrick Bourne
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Former 49ers wide receivers available in free agency: Kendrick Bourne

Like the other receivers examined, Kendrick Bourne played in San Francisco during a similar time period from 2017 through 2020. His fun-loving personality and solid play made him a joy to watch.

In his time with the 49ers, he caught 11 touchdown passes and had 1,100 receiving yards. He established himself as a solid NFL receiver in San Francisco and has gone on to have some solid seasons with the New England Patriots, too.

Now, as a free agent, Bourne could return to the team that signed him as an undrafted free agent. There is reporting that the Patriots have offered Bourne a contract. Bourne could opt to re-sign with the Pats, but if he decides to test free agency, the Niners could be one of his suitors and could land him on a fairly cheap deal to strengthen their receiving corps.

The following wide receiver is a free agent, but if he is not signed, he may decide to retire.