Brock Purdy offers you a job in his latest commercial for John Deere

Brock Purdy keeps on getting commercials. The latest one for John Deere is quite entertaining.
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Brock Purdy's meteoric rise to starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers and MVP candidates has earned him several commercials and endorsement deals.

The latest is an ad with his offensive lineman Colton McKivitz for John Deere.

It's pretty funny

Brock Purdy has hilarious commercial for John Deere

The commercial is a little corny, to be sure, but Purdy shows off his acting chops as he drives a tractor in the city of San Francisco.

Watch below:

The premise of the commercial is that Purdy and McKivitz are going to drive a John Deere tractor across the country in search of a "Chief Tractor Officer" for the company. They do not get very far as they keep getting submissions from people on the internet.

It is a pretty goofy commercial, but it is for a job that is real. If you have big ideas for the world of tractors (and if you're reading this, I simply refuse to believe that you don't) then you can apply right here at

This commercial can be added to the recent commercial that Purdy did for corn:

It seems that Purdy is really cornering the market on corn, farming, and everything in that realm. This is not a bad move for a guy whose brand is as a humble farmboy from nowhere who is now the quarterback of one of the best teams in the NFL.

There is also a remarkable behind-the-scenes story from the John Deere commercial that Purdy shared on the Pat McAfee Show. Purdy saved a newswoman and her dog from a large coyote by shouting out to them near the set for the commercial shoot.

The clip is below:

Purdy is showing that he is a leader both on and off the field. Just like he will yell at his offensive line to let them know who the "mike" linebacker is, he is not afraid to yell and warn people about dangerous predators trying to track them down. True leadership. He also showed that he is a skilled motivational speaker when he talked to Iowa State's women's basketball team after their loss in the NCAA Tournament.

What can't Purdy do?

This commercial is just the latest evidence that Purdy is a hot commodity both on and off the field. Let's hope he keeps playing great on the field which should give us plenty more Purdy commercials to look forward to.

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