Brock Purdy proves his chops as a motivational speaker for Iowa State

Brock Purdy gave a pep talk to the Iowa State women's basketball team after a tough loss.
Kansas v Iowa State
Kansas v Iowa State / David K Purdy/GettyImages

We know that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy can motivate football players on the field, but we may have just learned he is a pretty good motivational speaker for basketball players as well.

He proved his chops as a motivational speaker to the Iowa State women's basketball team after a tough loss to Stanford in the NCAA basketball tournament.

Brock Purdy serves as a motivational speaker for Iowa State

Purdy was at the game supporting his alma mater, the Iowa State Cyclones. Purdy played at Iowa State where he had over 12,000 passing yards and 81 touchdown passes compared to 33 interceptions.

The video of Purdy's pep talk after the game can be watched below, shared by NBC Sports:

In the video, Purdy essentially tries to raise the spirits of the team after they lost 81-87 in overtime. He talks about the foundation that the players there have established and tells them to keep their heads high even after a tough loss.

Purdy is uniquely qualified to give out this sort of advice after he and the 49ers lost in a heartbreaking overtime loss against the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl. I am sure that no speech would have made the pain go away for the Cyclones, but perhaps it was some small consolation prize that a guy coming off such a massive loss was there to raise their spirits.

It is cool to see a glimpse of the leadership qualities that clearly make Purdy a leader on the team. It is leadership like that which made his fellow teammates elect him as a captain on the 49ers in just his second season.

It also speaks to his poise and maturity as just a 24-year-old that he can try to raise spirits even in the lowest of times.

With Purdy being the Niners' quarterback for the foreseeable future, it is reassuring to know that he possesses these leadership qualities at such a young age and will likely only improve upon them.

While many 49ers fans probably feel hopeless and like the team's season will always end in defeat no matter what, it is nice to know that the team has an optimist and fearless leader playing quarterback.

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