5 bold Super Bowl predictions for San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl is finally upon us, and what's a Super Bowl without some predictions for the big game?

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Kyle Shanahan
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Prediction No. 5: Yes, the 49ers will win it all

Is this going to be an example of someone using their heart and not their head in their Super Bowl prediction?

Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

The 49ers have the best overall team, and this is the moment for head coach Kyle Shanahan. If he stops the Chiefs dynasty and finally wins the big one, then all the criticism that he can't win the important game goes away.

If Brock Purdy wins the Super Bowl, a lot of voices will be quiet. They have to be after being made to look stupid the whole year.

It'll be the Super Bowl that veterans like Trent Williams and George Kittle deserve after such long, storied careers at the top of their respective positions. The culmination of a career that will see them enshrined in Canton.

The 49ers might be the Vegas favorite, but they're not the pundits' favorite. Nobody believes in San Francisco, they're backing the team that's won it in recent years.

The pundits don't believe in the team, and the Swifties will be out in force. But that's ok, we just have to win the game and we have the team to do it.

49ers to win 27-21. Let's do it.

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