4 bold roster predictions for 49ers after drafting wide receiver Ricky Pearsall

The 49ers appeared to be set at wide receiver. Or are they? Here's what the Ricky Pearsall pick could mean for every wide receiver on the roster.
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Deebo Samuel gets traded

Deebo Samuel’s rise to greatness was certainly a quick one. In fact, he fast tracked his current status so quickly that his all purpose role took on a name all its own.

The self-proclaimed “wide back” is the heart and soul of the offense and one half of the teams resident hype man.

However, soon after the Ricky Pearsall selection, Deebo found himself right smack in the middle of trade rumors.

Prior to last season, it would’ve been laughable to hear that he could be on the trade block. But, with the amount of free agents about to hit the market by the end of next season, Samuel’s exit sounds more reasonable every day.

The sad truth is, as soon as you get that championship team intact, you’ve got three to four years to make it work until it starts to fall apart.

And the reality is this is the best receiver duo that the 49ers have had since Jerry Rice and John Taylor.

Sadly, the better the team gets, the more everyone cost. And the more everyone costs, the harder it is to keep them together.

It’s time to get the core players who can keep this team competitive locked down, and unfortunately, Samuel just might be expendable.

Moving forward, he’s a valuable commodity this team can not afford to pay.

And the only move left is to obtain value for him while you still can.