4 bold roster predictions for 49ers after drafting wide receiver Ricky Pearsall

The 49ers appeared to be set at wide receiver. Or are they? Here's what the Ricky Pearsall pick could mean for every wide receiver on the roster.
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Brandon Aiyuk gets a max deal

Despite all the trade rumors, and the uneasiness between Brandon Aiyuk and the front office, this should come as no surprise.

He not only stretches the field and makes the big plays happen, but he’s vital in terms of quarterback Brock Purdy‘s growth.

More importantly, Aiyuk has already been through the growing pains and rose above the adversity that every young player goes through.

Aiyuk went from promising rookie to suffering through a sophomore slump and has now coasted into an All-Pro.

He’s been patient, and until this offseason, he’s been quiet through it all. He know his worth, and until that worth has a number he won’t play ball, literally. Because he knows, and it needs to be said, that every team might want a Deebo Samuel, but those same exact teams need an Aiyuk.

The front office knows what they need to do, but until that money is freed up, the two sides are going to wait it out. And fortunately, for Aiyuk, the longer he waits, the more money he will command.

Let’s just hope by the time he’s offered that contract he doesn’t feel jaded enough to turn it down.

General manager John Lynch needs to play this carefully and correctly if he wants his star receiver to elevate this team for years to come.

Purdy is the undeniable leader, but the fourth-year All-Pro receiver is the X-factor.

Next. Niners. Can Brock Purdy shoulder the 49ers? We might have to wait for 2025 to find out. dark