'Bad Blood' between Taylor Swift and 49ers fans on full display at Super Bowl welcome

There are plenty of Niners fans who also double as Taylor Swift fans... but not today.

Taylor Swift on the field after Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens
Taylor Swift on the field after Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens / Kathryn Riley/GettyImages

42. 49ers-Chiefs opening. 124. 49ers -1.5. 6:30 p.m. ET. CBS. Sunday, Feb. 11. 11-6. 12-5

Taylor Swift made it to Allegiant Stadium for Super Bowl 58, but 49ers fans let her know it wouldn't be a Chiefs crowd.

For all those people who placed bets on pop superstar Taylor Swift not making it to Super Bowl 58 from her tour in Japan have to be disappointed in the end result.

She did, in fact, make it. And the NFL has to be thrilled with the extra publicity.

It's no secret Swift is rooting for the AFC representative, the Kansas City Chiefs. And specifically, her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce.

So, for at least a period of a day or a week, San Francisco 49ers fans aren't going to be Swift fans whatsoever.

Just ask All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey's mom, who is abandoning her Swiftie allegiance for the week leading up to Super Bowl 58 between KC and her son's team.

It seems as if plenty of other Niners fans feel the same way.

49ers fans give Taylor Swift not-so-warm welcome to Super Bowl 58

Swift's relationship with Kelce has dominated NFL storylines, and that'll only be magnified during the Super Bowl.

So, with the hours counting down to the big game, it shouldn't be a surprise that Swift's arrival to Allegiant Stadium would garner plenty of attention, including the jumbotron above the playing field.

The legions of San Francisco fans in attendance made sure to denounce Swift's arrival in the most vocal of fashions, though:

Reports stated that nearly 60 percent of fans in attendance would be rooting for the 49ers, so the anti-Swift and anti-Chiefs trend isn't that hard to understand. Niners fans aren't going to be singing the legendary singer's tunes anytime soon either.

Although, as is probably a guarantee, San Francisco-based Swifties will probably return to that fandom in a relatively short amount of time regardless of the Super Bowl's outcome.

The 49ers and Chiefs kick off on Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET.

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