49ers sign key underrated wide receiver to new extension

The 49ers have Jauan Jennings under contract through 2025 now.
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jauan Jennings
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jauan Jennings / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

On Wednesday, the San Francisco 49ers announced that they signed wide receiver Jauan Jennings to a one-year extension, adding onto what woud have been a restricted free-agent tender he was originally supposed to receive in 2024.

The deal is worth up to $15.4 million with $10.5 guaranteed.

In executing the move, the Niners locked up a key player on offense.

49ers extend Jauan Jennings, keeping him through 2025

Jennings was drafted by the 49ers in the seventh round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He has turned out to be a great selection with his impressive play in his first three seasons despite missing his rookie year because of injury.

In 2021, Jennings had 24 catches on 38 targets for 282 yards and five touchdowns. 2022 saw him bring in 35 catches on 56 targets for 416 yards and one touchdown. Last season, he had 19 catches on 33 targets for one touchdown reception.

In his postseason career, he has 20 catches on 29 targets for 221 yards. He also has one receiving touchdown and one passing touchdown, both of them coming in last season's Super Bowl. There is a very good chance that Jennings would have been the Super Bowl MVP if the 49ers had found a way to win the game.

However, Niners fans know that Jennings brings so much more value than what's in the box score.

Moreso than any other wide receiver on the team, he embodies the selfless ethos of the offensive unit. He is a fantastic blocker and loves blocking for his teammates down the field.

Who could forget him blocking a Packers defender into the bench in last year's Divisional Round game?

That is a guy who is willing to lay everything on the line for his teammates so you know that other players on offense are happy to have him back. Jennings has also proven to be a great target on third downs as it seems like he is always coming down with a clutch third-down catch to keep drives alive.

Much of the focus this offseason, understandably so, has been on the future of fellow wideouts Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk in red and gold. But Jennings can often fly under the radar when thinking about the Niners offense. He plays the same role that Andre Iguodala played on the Golden State Warriors' championship teams: a valuable role player who knows what his strengths are and does not seek the limelight.

The Niners are lucky to have Jennings on their team through 2025.

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