49ers rumors: NFL insider says Niners, Nick Bosa aren't 'close at all' to new contract

Today (or tomorrow) would be a good day for the 49ers to finally extend Nick Bosa, right?
San Francisco 49ers edge Nick Bosa (L) and general manager John Lynch (R)
San Francisco 49ers edge Nick Bosa (L) and general manager John Lynch (R) / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

Nick Bosa and the 49ers may be hard at work trying to hammer out a lucrative contract extension, but one NFL insider says the two parties aren't close to a deal.

When All-Pro defensive end Nick Bosa elected to be a holdout from San Francisco 49ers training camp in late July, it came as a shock to precisely no one.

After all, the reigning Defensive Player of the Year was making a smart business decision by not risking serious injury while playing on his "cheap-ish" rookie contract. Bosa is way too valuable for that, and he knows it.

He also knows his new contract will likely turn him into the best-paid non-quarterback in NFL history, potentially earning up to $35 million per year.

The Niners have dished out top-dollar contracts to many of their star players before, including tight end George Kittle and linebacker Fred Warner, and both of those deals have come around training camp. However, with camp and the preseason now both over, Bosa remains unsigned despite some rumor and speculation to the contrary.

General manager John Lynch repeatedly stressed his desire to be quiet about talks with Bosa's agent, Brian Ayrault, so little has been revealed about how close the two parties are.

According to one well-known national NFL insider, however, they're not particularly close to an agreement with Week 1 of the regular season less than two weeks away.

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport on 49ers contract talks with Nick Bosa: 'I don't get the sense they're close at all'

Speaking to The Pat McAfee Show on Monday, NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport painted a not-so-bright picture regarding San Francisco's contractual discussions with Bosa.

While Lynch has also echoed optimism about a new contract despite being hush-hush about the talks, Rapoport appears to believe there is a notable disconnect between the two parties, although he wouldn't go as far as saying what that could be:

"I don't get the sense they're close at all," Rapoport said. "So I don't get the sense anything is imminent. "But at least it sounds like there's been some level of conversation, I guess, which is as there should be. It's like there's been at least some touching base."

There could be a number of different hangups. For starters, Bosa could be looking to get as much guaranteed cash as possible, while the 49ers have historically been reluctant to dish out large amounts of guaranteed money.

On top of that, the Niners have just under $10 million in salary cap space, currently, according to Over the Cap. But in 2024, the year Bosa's new contract would likely see a massive spike in earnings, Lynch and Co. are already $6.57 million over the cap.

Verbiage concerning injuries, incentives and other terms could also be getting in the way, although no one is doubting the new deal will make the NFL's leading sack specialist from a season ago very, very wealthy.

It's just a matter of when that happens. And San Francisco would probably like it to be sooner than later even if it requires writing a blank check to Bosa, which hasn't happened just yet.

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