49ers rumors: Is Nick Bosa on the verge of signing massive contract extension?

Connecting the dots available on social media and the internet, is Nick Bosa about to become the NFL's highest-paid defender in history?


San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97)
San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa (97) / Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Bosa is apparently in New York City where his agent is located, and it's fair to wonder if his lucrative contract extension with the 49ers is ready.

The San Francisco 49ers are poised to make All-Pro edge Nick Bosa a very, very wealthy individual.

He's earned it. After all, he's the reigning Defensive Player of the Year and a cornerstone of what was the NFL's best-scoring defense a season ago. Also leading the league in sacks with 18.5, Bosa hit the window for a contract extension precisely at the right moment.

As such, not only will Bosa command a new contract that'll pay him well above $30 million per year, he'll likely become the highest-paid non-quarterback in league history.

Simply put, the Niners can simply hand over blank checks to Bosa and tell him to write his amount.

It's not that simple, of course, and general manager John Lynch has repeatedly stressed his desire to keep all discussions about the extension talks quiet, reflecting on his own experiences as a player and how confidentiality was appreciated.

However, Bosa isn't necessarily required to keep quiet. And his social media feed might have provided a massive clue.

49ers edge Nick Bosa is in New York, is he visiting with his agent?

Unless it's a mere screenshot, and no one actually has a tracker on Bosa's phone, San Francisco's superstar edge rusher is currently in New York City, as of Aug. 22 and is in a tall building looking toward the south.

Bosa shared as much on his Instagram page on Tuesday.

His agent, Brian Ayrault, has an office located at 11 Madison Avenue in New York City, which appears to be in the approximate location of where the photograph was taken (any NYC natives out there who can corroborate this?).

With a hat tip to the one and only @NinerGirl99 helped put together on Twitter, we also checked it out to verify:

It's also being discussed on 49ers Reddit.

Now, it's possible to draw one of any number of different conclusions from this. Perhaps Lynch and the 49ers reached an agreement with Ayrault that Bosa would want, and it's time to prepare the "pen to paper" moment.

It's also possible that Bosa is meeting his agent to go over different terms of the agreement or (gulp) the possibility of the Niners not being able to extend him, suggesting a trade could be in the works.

Or, maybe, Bosa is merely dropping in and saying "hello."

Of course, it helps to be optimistic about such things, and perhaps San Francisco winds up announcing the extension in the next couple of days.

That'd be a nice thing to do right before the regular season begins, of course.

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