49ers offseason schedule: 2023 minicamp, OTA dates announced

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Taysir Mack (18)
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Taysir Mack (18) / Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

It's not quite training camp, but at least fans can pay attention to what the 49ers are doing for offseason practices.

Yes, we are only days away from all kinds of overreactions and over-analysis.

That's because the next phase of the San Francisco 49ers' offseason program is just around the corner. And while it'll lack the intensity and seriousness of training camp, which will take place later this summer, this phase of workouts is nevertheless crucial.

Even if it's intended more for conditioning and less about determining depth charts and rosters.

That said, the NFL has a way of keeping fans interested all year long, and Niners fans can transition from the hype of the NFL Draft last month into the 2023 schedule release before actually watching (or reading about) players getting back on the field.

We know the dates now.

Dates for 49ers OTAs, rookie minicamps and mandatory minicamps

In a press release distributed to FanSided, the league put together a full list of all 32 teams' offseason workout dates.

The first event will be rookie minicamp in which first-year players will partake in team activities. This will include players San Francisco drafted or signed after the 2023 NFL Draft, and others may be invited to attend, too, with an outside hope of potentially inking a contract.

Then, there'll be organized team activities (OTAs), which aren't mandatory, but mandatory minicamp is and will take place not long after the OTA sessions.

49ers offseason workout dates

  • Rookie minicamp: May 12-13
  • Organized team activities: May 22-23, May 25, May 30-May 31, June 2, June 5-6, June 8
  • Mandatory minicamp: June 13-15

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The specific rules that govern what teams can or can't do during these workouts is contained within the current collective bargaining agreement between the league and players union.

One notable aspect is no physical contact is allowed, since pads aren't permitted. "Tackling" is of a mock variety.

Once training camp kicks off, though, the pads will come on and the intensity will ensue.

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