The 49ers have never beaten this team on the road... ever

There aren't too many teams the Niners have historically played poorly against, but there's one team that has given San Francisco trouble, particularly away from the Bay Area.
San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens
San Francisco 49ers v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The 49ers have an all-time series win percentage above 50 percent against most teams in the NFL, but they've never beaten this particular team on the road before.

The San Francisco 49ers own at least a 50-percent (or greater) win percentage against roughly two-thirds of teams in the entire NFL.

That's pretty awesome. Especially when fans consider the dark years of the 2000s and mid 2010s. Heck, even the late 1970s were a bad period of football if you can travel back in time that far.

Either way, there have been some squads the Niners have dominated over the years, including having nearly a 2-to-1 win/loss record against the New Orleans Saints over the span of 79 games.

There have also been some teams San Francisco has had trouble with, though, too.

Over the last decade-plus, the Seattle Seahawks have given the 49ers issues, and the Niners have gone 20-30 against their NFC West rivals for what's the third-worst win percentage (40 percent) in San Francisco's franchise history.

Yet the 49ers have beaten the Hawks on the road up north in Seattle before, plenty of times.

The Niners have not, however, beaten this team on the road before.


The 1 team the 49ers have never defeated on the road... ever

If you're wise enough (you are), you probably figured the lone squad San Francisco hasn't defeated away from the Bay Area must be an AFC team, not a team within the NFC West. The greater the sample size, the better the chance of the 49ers beating this team on the road.

With only three away games played against this AFC North team in the all-time series between these two squads, the Baltimore Ravens are the one team the Niners simply haven't been able to defeat out in Maryland.

To date, San Francisco is a winless 0-3 against the black birds away from the Bay Area.

Granted, the 49ers came close in 2019 amid a rain-soaked M&T Bank Stadium, only to lose 20-17 to quarterback Lamar Jackson and Co.

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The Niners lost on the road in Baltimore in 2011 and 2013, too.

San Francisco actually plays the AFC North in 2023, hosting the Ravens on Christmas Day. But, considering the rarity of the NFC West and AFC North squaring off, it's not until 2027 when the 49ers will be able to attempt what could be their first road win against the Ravens in Baltimore.

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