49ers (finally) nailed it with their 2024 NFL schedule release video

If you're a fan of all those Rita Oak illustrations of the Niners, you'll love the 49ers' 2024 schedule release video.
San Francisco 49ers helmet
San Francisco 49ers helmet / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages

After years of trying and failing, the 49ers finally came up with a schedule-release video that's worthy of praise (and Rita Oak approved).

Chances are, if you've followed the San Francisco 49ers on social media in recent years, you became familiar with Rita Oak (@ritaoak_art on Twitter/X).

The artist gained notoriety for her series illustrating former Niners quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, counting down each day until he was traded with a new painting. Nearly every one of the art pieces had some sort of humor or irony attached to it, and the artist became something of an icon in Bay Area circles.

Garoppolo, of course, was never traded. But the art continued in one form or another into 2023 after his contract expired and he joined the Las Vegas Raiders in free agency.

Now, her popularity has grown to the point where San Francisco itself chose to use her artwork for its 2024 regular-season schedule release video.

49ers finally boast epic NFL schedule release video

Not to throw the 49ers' media team under the bus. But previous schedule release videos have come up a little short.

Perhaps the Niners' social media group should have learned more from the Los Angeles Chargers, whose schedule release videos are always epic.

This go-around, though, San Francisco partnered with Oak to come up with a top-notch schedule release, and you'll be pleased with the end result:

Oak's art makes its way through all 17 games (Week 4 against the New England Patriots is hilarious), and there'll likely be a chuckle or two at the remaining bouts' art frames.

The 49ers also shared another video featuring All-Pro defensive end Nick Bosa (and a Niner Noise friend, Steph Sanchez, doing her epic Bosa impersonation).

That one is certainly worth the watch, too, and will make you laugh.

Kudos, Niners. Kudos.

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