Did the 49ers already make a decision on a future Brock Purdy contract?

The 49ers offseason moves have focused on cost-controlled availability and bolstering an offense with even more weapons.

Niner Noise details what this means for Brock Purdy in the future.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (13)
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (13) / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

The San Francisco 49ers continued to restock and bolster their offense by re-signing wide receiver Jauan Jennings to a two-year, $15.4 million contract extension.

Jennings, who was on fast track to be Super Bowl MVP had the 49ers held on against the Kansas City Chiefs, slots in as the 49ers' current WR3, likely to be competing with rookie Ricky Pearsall for snaps this upcoming year.

Jennings' contract also makes it unlikely the Niners keep both wideouts, Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel, on the roster next year with Aiyuk still reportedly looking to be at the top of the WR contract pecking chart and Deebo's contract having an escape clause after this year.

With Jennings' signing, though, it becomes clear the 49ers have probably made a decision on quarterback Brock Purdy's second contract.

49ers are clearing the books for Brock Purdy's second contract

Jennings's contract is only a two-year deal, which gives San Francisco a lot of flexibility as Purdy's inevitable monster extension looms.

But by keeping him in the fold and drafting several young receivers and more offensive weapons, the 49ers seem to have decided to retool their roster in the future to build around the third-year signal-caller and his eventual massive contract extension.

Having the cost-controlled play of receivers like Pearsall and Jacob Cowing will allow the Niners to handle the likely $50 million-plus it will take to keep Purdy in the red and gold.

Signining Jennings for two years instead of one allows the 49ers to maintain a three-receiver core even when one of the star receivers likely is let go.

And the Niners shopping of both Aiyuk and Samuel demonstrate how they have already begun preparing the books for Purdy's new extension.

How this might change 49ers' scheme

San Francisco loading up on receivers is also a sign that head coach Kyle Shanahan may start building around Purdy schematically.

Jennings is a fantastic situational receiver, but the 49ers played 11 personnel (three wide receivers) only 41 percent of the time. That ranked fifth-lowest in the NFL last year. The slot receiver to the 49ers is an important but not truly valuable position, making Jennings' new contract a bit of a luxury.

However, the Niners have showcased a willingness to throw more with Purdy, and with the increase of weapons in the pass game, it seems the Niners have begun to trust Purdy more to lead them in all situations by tailoring their offensive weaponry to their quarterback.

Overall, the 49ers' offseason approach seems to indicate they have decided to double down on the former Mr. Irrelevant to lead them for a long time.

Whether or not this was the right approach remains to be seen.

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