49ers can sign longtime Seahawks nemesis to address linebacker depth

The 49ers can sign a longtime nemesis who has played most of his career for the Seahawks to address their linebacker depth.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
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The San Francisco 49ers may have some uncertainty surrounding the linebacker position going into next season. With Dre Greenlaw's injury and other players being free agents, the Niners can sign longtime Seattle Seahawks nemesis Bobby Wagner to add depth.

49ers can sign longtime Seahawks nemesis Bobby Wagner to address linebacker depth

Wagner has spent nearly his entire career with Seattle where he has been an absolutely phenomenal linebacker for the team. He is a 10-time All-Pro and was part of the NFL's All-Decade team for the 2010s.

Even though he is now 33 years old, he is still playing great. Last season, he had themost tackles in the entire NFL with 183. That shows that he can still be really productive even though his 20s are well behind him.

While it seems like Wagner is a guy who should retire with the Seahawks, things are uncertain now in Seattle. With a new coach in Mike McDonald, he may decide that the team needs to shake things up and get younger. Plus, he does not have any of the nostalgia for Wagner that former head coach Pete Carroll did.

It is a similar situation to when the Ninerss ended up releasing NaVorro Bowman in Kyle Shanahan's first year as a head coach. It was a move that upset fans even though Bowman was older at the time because he was a key part of the playoff teams during the Jim Harbaugh years.

Plus, newly hired 49ers defensive coordinator Nick Sorensen spent many years as an assistant coach with the Seahawks, so he got to see Wagner's greatness up close. Sorensen may want to bring back the veteran with the 49ers uncertain about Greenlaw's status going into next season.

Of course, there is precedent for a longtime Seahawks nemesis joining the 49ers in Richard Sherman. However, Sherman did not have the happiest exit in Seattle which likely fueled his desire to exact revenge in San Francisco.

Wagner seems to be much happier with Seattle and would probably prefer to finish his playing career there. The 49ers would also have to pay him fairly well to lure him from Seattle after he made $7 million last season.

Ultimately, it is probably unlikely that we will see Wagner in red and gold, but if the Seahawks decide to move on and if Greenlaw is unable to go to start the season, Wagner would be a great addition to San Francisco's defense.

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