49ers injury news: Deebo Samuel says he's 'ready to go' after shoulder injury

Considering how lackluster the Niners offense has been as of late, getting Deebo Samuel back has to provide a boost, right?
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel
San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel / Michael Owens/GettyImages

The 49ers will be getting back one of their best offensive weapons, Deebo Samuel, following the bye week.

Multiple things can be true when it comes to evaluating the San Francisco 49ers offense halfway through the 2023 season.

On one hand, they have an overload of star-studded talent. On the other, when one or more players from this side of the ball wind up being absent because of injury, it shows.

The Niners have been without two of their top offensive players over the last two weeks, All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams (ankle) and All-Pro wide receiver Deebo Samuel (shoulder), the latter having suffered his injury early during the Niners' Week 6 road loss at the Cleveland Browns.

While there are plenty of other reasons, San Francisco has dropped three straight games since that injury, and Samuel subsequently missed the following losses, all of which saw head coach Kyle Shanahan's offense score less than 20 points.

Yet Shanahan told reporters that Samuel would be out a couple of weeks, which led perfectly into the 49ers' Week 9 bye break.

It looks as if that extra time off will be of benefit to Samuel and the Niners offense.

Deebo Samuel tells Kay Adams 'I am ready to go' with regard to injury

With San Francisco getting an extra week of rest ahead of their Week 10 road game versus the 6-2 Jacksonville Jaguars, Samuel spoke with Kay Adams of the Up & Adams Show and revealed the news that 49ers fans want to hear.

He should be fully recovered from the small fracture in his shoulder that sidelined him the last two weeks.

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"I am ready to go," Samuel declared when asked if he would be available after the bye.

Indeed, the Niners have to be feeling good about this development, especially considering how much the offense has struggled over the last three weeks. Even if Samuel is limited in the stat department, he helps by drawing attention to himself and away from San Francisco's other playmakers, such as tight end George Kittle and fellow wideout Brandon Aiyuk.

Samuel and the 49ers will square off against the Jags on Sunday, Nov. 12 out in Jacksonville, Florida.

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