What is the 49ers' all-time record in the NFC Championship game?

It would be preferable if the Niners had a winning record in NFC Championship games, but that's unfortunately not the case.
1993 NFC Championship Game - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys
1993 NFC Championship Game - San Francisco 49ers v Dallas Cowboys / James Smith/GettyImages

The 49ers have been to more conference championship games than any other team in NFL history, but they haven't always done well in such games.

On Sunday, Jan. 28, the San Francisco 49ers will play in their 19th NFC Championship game when they host the Detroit Lions in a showdown that will determine which team the conference sends to Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

No other team in NFL history has been to more conference championships than the Niners. The closest on the list is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have been to 16 penultimate games.

Despite so many appearances in the NFC Championship game, San Francisco surprisingly hasn't always performed well in such contests and has a sub-.500 record appearing in this bouts.

While the 49ers hope history bucks the trend on Sunday, they haven't always been on the right side of the win column.

What is the 49ers' all-time record in NFC Championship games?

The Niners won seven of their previous 18 NFC Championship game appearances, meaning their current record in such games is 7-11.

Of those seven wins, San Francisco turned them into five Super Bowl championships against two losses.

Should the 49ers lose the NFC Championship game on Sunday against Detroit, they'd increase their NFL-leading 11 conference-championship losses to 12.

No other team in the NFL has lost more than six conference championship games.

When was the 49ers' first NFC Championship game?

The Niners actually played in the first two NFC Championship games ever back when the Super Bowl era commenced in 1970.

Both conference championship games were losses against the Dallas Cowboys, the first of which was on Jan. 3, 1971, at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco by a score of 17-10.

A year later, on Jan. 2 at Texas Stadium, the 49ers fell to Dallas by a score of 14-3.

When did the 49ers first win an NFC Championship game?

Ten years later, the 49ers got some much-needed vengeance against the Cowboys in the conference championship by beating head coach Tom Landry and Co. in arguably the most memorable game in Niners history.

San Francisco won the 1982 NFC Championship game 28-27, memorialized by Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana finding the late-great wide receiver, Dwight Clark, for a game-winning touchdown that is forever immortalized as "The Catch."

The 49ers also appeared in three consecutive NFC Championship bouts from the 1992 through 1994 seasons, all against Dallas, in which they lost the first two before winning the third.

When did the 49ers last appear in an NFC Championship game?

Sunday against the Lions will mark the third consecutive season in which the 49ers have appeared in an NFC Championship game, the previous two times being accompanied by losses to the Los Angeles Rams in January of 2022 and then to the Philadelphia Eagles the following year.

Last season versus Philly, the Niners lost 31-7 in a conference championship that was made notable when quarterback Brock Purdy suffered a shoulder injury on his team's opening possession, which effectively ended his ability to pass the ball.

Purdy's backup, Josh Johnson, suffered a concussion not long thereafter, which forced Purdy back into the game despite his inability to throw.

Now, San Francisco will host Detroit on Sunday, Jan. 28 at 8:15 p.m. at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

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