49ers: Who should star as the team of the 1980s in a movie

Eric Roberts (Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images)
Eric Roberts (Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images) /
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Ryan Gosling
Actor Ryan Gosling attends the “First Man” premiere (Photo by Shannon Finney/Getty Images) /

No. 4: Ryan Gosling as 49ers Quarterback Joe Montana

While Walsh was the leading the 49ers from the sideline, quarterback Joe Montana was the field general for the team throughout the 1980s. His stellar play and generally calm demeanor in pressure situations distinguished him from the rest.

For this great American hero, we look to a Canadian actor to fill the void. Ryan Gosling would be a great selection to portray the man they called “Joe Cool.”

Gosling can pull off the look that Montana had back in the 1980s. He can grow his locks as he’s been seen before with and mirror that image perfectly. While recency bias is one helluva drug and Gosling is probably best remembered recently for his role in La La Land, let’s not forget his football background.

Gosling played a role in the 2000s hit movie, Remember the Titans, as Alan Bosley. Although Gosling played a cornerback in that movie he can get that arm ready to play Montana. He’ll need a full offseason of work, but he’ll make it happen.