144 thoughts live on San Francisco 49ers during Super Bowl 54

The day is finally here, as the San Francisco 49ers try to win their sixth Lombardi trophy in Super Bowl 54. Join Niner Noise’s resident Australian one last time this season as he watches the game.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous for a game in my entire life.
  2. It’s hard to believe the big game is finally here.
  3. It legitimately took me five minutes to choose between my Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Bosa and George Kittle jerseys today.
  4. Ultimately, for those who are keeping track, I picked Kittle.
  5. It’s really cool how they’re showing photos and videos of old Super Bowls. I’m always in favor of that.
  6. Time for the coin toss. As always I hope that the opposition gets the ball first.
  7. Yes, even if Patrick Mahomes gets the ball.
  8. Seeing those veterans as honorary captains is pretty cool too.
  9. YES! San Francisco wins the toss and defers. Chiefs will start with the ball.
  10. I’m so happy that we start on defense. I always feel better when we receive the ball for the second half for some reason.
  11. That video of the boy which segues into him coming out onto the field was legitimately awesome.
  12. Here we go!
  13. Bosa with an early pass deflection!
  14. Deferring pays off! Chiefs could not get going at all!
  15. Richie James almost gave me a heart attack there…
  16. Good early start throwing, Jimmy Garoppolo to George Kittle I think is something we’ll see frequently.
  17. Go Deebo Samuel! I’ve never seen that variant of a reverse before.
  18. I think Deebo should be our starting running back if this keeps going.
  19. Wasn’t a dream start but a lead is a lead.
  20. 3-0 to the good guys.
  21. Can the defense do it again?
  22. Kansas City are a bit better here at the moment. Passing it to get short yardage situations and running it in.
  23. Defense needed that sack there, even if it was a small one.
  24. The pressure is making Mahomes inaccurate at times, which is really limiting him a bit.
  25. Jimmie Ward killed Mahomes when he scrambled and then hurt himself. Ugh.
  26. Mahomes got the first down but the hit by Ward made the ball fly backwards and out of bounds so I’m not sure if it’s first or fourth down.
  27. Oh, it’s fourth down.
  28. Chiefs convert for first down. Ugh.
  29. Mahomes scores the touchdown on an option play. 7-3 to the Chiefs.
  30. Time for the offense to respond.
  31. Garoppolo finds Emmanuel Sanders for a sizable gain, and that’ll end the first quarter.
  32. I see why the 49ers are calling screens, since the defense is being aggressive, but it’s not working right now.
  33. Why would Garoppolo throw that!?
  34. I know it’s the Super Bowl but there was plenty of times for plays later in the game.
  35. The Chiefs and 49ers are too busy giving five yard penalties instead of snapping the ball here.
  36. 4th and 1 again, the Chiefs convert on an option pitch.
  37. What a big stop by the 49ers defense there. They were able to finally stop it being a short yardage scenario.
  38. Only 10-3 to the Chiefs. That’s a big boost to the confidence of the defense.
  39. Now up to the offense here. If they can keep or lessen this seven point deficit, remember that they get the ball for the second half.
  40. The Super Bowl is pumping up this 5G network, meanwhile here in Australia we have the internet speed that’s comparable to a cell phone vs. a can and a piece of string.
  41. The 49ers offense is starting to hum a bit here.
  42. They’re running the ball much better now. This is the San Francisco that made the Super Bowl.
  43. Win or lose, I’m buying a Deebo jersey in the offseason.
  46. Garoppolo to Kyle Juszczyk and the score is 10-10!
  47. Can the defense stop them? Could the 49ers have a chance to take the lead to end the half?
  48. The general plan for the Chiefs at the moment is a pass to get them near a first down and then either run it for the first down or do some sort of option.
  49. Two minute warning. Chiefs threatening again here.
  50. Big loss on that rush, 3rd and 14 now for Kansas City.
  51. Screen doesn’t work and the Chiefs will punt!
  52. The 49ers aren’t calling a timeout and I have no idea why.
  53. Can the 49ers get anything going to end the half?
  54. I’m guessing the line of thinking is here, is Shanahan is thinking about what happened in the loss to Seattle. He was too aggressive and gave them an unnecessary extra possession which resulted in the loss. He wants to take the tie into the break and gameplan for the second half.
  55. My thought to that however is the 49ers offense was humming after that touchdown and were on top of the Chiefs defense so it made sense to go for it.
  56. But then again, I’m not coaching in a Super Bowl.
  57. Great throw but letting the time bleed will backfire now.
  58. Unfortunately that’s the right decision. Kittle extended his arm there.
  59. 10-10 at half time.
  60. The first drives for both teams in the second half is going to be huge.
  61. Am I the only one who doesn’t watch the halftime show?
  62. I mean I like Shakira just fine, but never been a J-Lo fan.
  63. Whoever told that singer that he looked great in a silver outfit was not looking out for his best interests.
  64. Enough already, can we just have the Budweiser Bowl please? Have them play Coors or something.
  65. I’ll even bring an international brand over. Get ready for the might of Coopers in the Beer Bowl!
  66. I can only describe that as Shakira was dancing while singing and J-Lo was singing while dancing.
  67. Make of that what you will.
  68. The broadcasting crew is trying to say how great that halftime show was, but they aren’t fooling me.
  69. Back to football. The 49ers need to take the lead on this opening drive and not let go of it. Simple as that.
  70. I wouldn’t be shocked if Garoppolo takes a shot downfield after that Kittle catch at the end of the half.
  71. Yeah it got called back, but did expose that Kittle can get past their secondary
  72. And here we go!
  73. The Chiefs have these kickoffs down, they sky it and by the time James catches it they’re almost on them.
  74. I LOVE when Deebo runs the ball!
  75. Injury to the Chiefs, couldn’t see who it was but it gives the 49ers a bit of a breather.
  76. It’s been a good start to the half, but it’s so vital they make this a touchdown drive.
  77. Garoppolo has been on target thus far. Good start to the half.
  78. The 49ers fall short of a touchdown after Garoppolo misses Kittle being open. Plays like that can hurt.
  79. Field goal is good at least, and it’s 13-10 to San Francisco!
  80. Holding call pushes the Chiefs back.
  81. The Chiefs are abandoning all pretense of being balanced and have come out passing this half.
  82. Big third down here.
  83. Chiefs easily convert. A big play is needed.
  84. FUMBLE!
  85. Bosa slapped Mahomes arm there!
  87. Fred Warner undercuts the coverage!
  88. That’s the play we needed!
  89. If we win I’m getting his jersey!
  90. This is the drive to break it wide open right here. This is the big one.
  91. The Chiefs are holding so much here.
  92. What a third down throw!
  94. No, Juszczyk just short of a second touchdown there.
  97. LET’S GO!
  99. Mahomes scrambles for a first down, but the story here is the defensive line is winning the battles.
  100. End of the third quarter, the 49ers lead 20-10.
  101. One more quarter, and the 49ers will win it all.
  102. One. More. Quarter.
  103. I have no fingernails left here.
  104. Chiefs are driving here, which is always dangerous.
  105. The 49ers defense are leaving plays behind on the field here.
  106. DeForest Buckner with a big sack!
  107. Mahomes is unfortunately scrambling very well.
  111. That was the worst time to have a false start penalty.
  112. Chiefs were offside and weren’t called. They’re starting to tick me off.
  113. A little time has been bled off the clock, but not enough to even remotely be comfortable.
  114. Mahomes is forced to scramble again, which is ideal because the clock still runs and it takes away those long bombs.
  115. Kyle Shanahan is throwing the challenge flag on a Tyreek Hill catch, it looks incomplete but I don’t even know with these refs.
  116. Successful challenge! 3rd and 15 coming up!
  117. Are you kidding!? Where was the coverage on that!?
  118. Moore panicked in one-on-one coverage against Travis Kelce and the Chiefs take advantage of the pass interference one play later. Mahomes throws to Kelce for the touchdown.
  119. 20-17 to the 49ers.
  120. Offense has to take this over. Need a touchdown or to take off the six minutes or so left. No other option.
  121. Why pass on second down when your first rush went for five yards? I’m sorry but I do not get that at all.
  122. Quick drive ended on two incomplete passes. That could not have gone worse for San Francisco and I simply do not get the playcalling there.
  123. Mahomes is starting to make plays here. This doesn’t look good.
  124. Big third and goal coming up. Absolutely huge.
  125. Touchdown. Chiefs in front.
  126. No wait, he’s out of bounds!
  127. Or is he in?
  128. They won’t overturn this.
  129. Play stands. Chiefs take the lead.
  130. Ugh, a false start again.
  131. Two minute warning. It comes down to this.
  132. Garoppolo almost intercepted, I don’t think I can take much more of this…
  133. Garoppolo had Emmanuel Sanders open deep, but overthrew him.
  134. 4th down sack, it’s over unless there’s a three and out here.
  135. Touchdown, this one is over.
  136. Damien Williams runs through the defense, 31-20 to the Chiefs.
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  137. This has been a great season, but it’s going to end a little bit hollow.
  138. Called fumble on Garoppolo, but that’s just an incomplete pass they allowed to play out.
  139. Desperation heave picked off by Kendall Fuller and that’s it.
  140. It’s been a great season no matter what, but this does feel a bit hollow now.
  141. Nothing left but to work on doing one better next season.
  142. Thanks for joining me this season, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them.
  143. Soon it’ll be draft season, and I hope you enjoy those too.
  144. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to buy those Deebo and Warner jerseys anyway.
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