130 thoughts during 49ers close Week 9 win over Cardinals

GLENDALE, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 31: Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers reacts on the field following the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on October 31, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. The 49ers defeated the Cardinals 28-25. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
GLENDALE, ARIZONA - OCTOBER 31: Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers reacts on the field following the NFL game against the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium on October 31, 2019 in Glendale, Arizona. The 49ers defeated the Cardinals 28-25. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

What goes through an Australian mind during a San Francisco 49ers game? After a trial last week, the segment returns as we see the Niners on the road against the Arizona Cardinals in a battle to go 8-0.

  • Good morning everyone (or evening for most of you probably), who’s ready for some San Francisco 49ers football!
  • Ordinarily I’d be at work, but good fortune gave me an unexpected day off today so I actually get to watch this live.

    It’s later in the morning than last week when I covered the 49ers-Panthers game, but I still have my trusty cup of coffee.

  • Oh by the way if you haven’t seen that, you’ll find it here.
  • Thank you all for the positive feedback, I decided to keep it going for the rest of the year (for the games I can watch) in the hope it will entertain you all.

    I’m a bit anxious about this game. A road game against a divisional opponent who’s won the last eight against us and on a short week.

    I know the dynamic has changed a lot this year, but still.

    OK here we go! 49ers to kick off.

  • Ugh that is not a great start with Kenyon Drake running through the defense there.
  • Seriously, why is it whenever our opponents have the ball first they ram it down our throat?

  • Dee Ford with an obvious horsecollar there. That was not necessary.
  • Ugh Arizona touchdown. Drake obviously is happy to get out of the dumpster fire that is the Miami Dolphins.

    Hey, they stole my Dolphins joke!

  • Oh not George Kittle!
  • Can we have one game without an *expletive* leg injury!

  • Emmanuel Sanders with his first catch but everybody at this stage is looking at Kittle.
  • Kittle is jogging on the sidelines. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a bad injury but it’s better than the cart.

    Kittle injured, and the Cardinals have had the perfect start. Not good.

  • Kyler Murray looks like a trick-or-treater surrounded by the Cardinals linemen.
  • Are we really delaying the game over a divot?

    Another idiotic penalty with a facemask. He was going to ground and didn’t need to even be tackled, just touched.

    No mistakes from Ford this time! Sack No. 1 for the night.

  • Now Arik Armstead is hurt? This is a curse.
  • Maybe not! Kittle is out there!

  • First time this year Kittle didn’t complete a third down catch, this game is cursed.
  • Three and out, 49ers should have decent field position here.

    I’m confused, if the defender jumps aren’t they supposed to let it play out?

  • The running game has not been on today, but I’m more annoyed the refs ruined a chance for Jimmy Garoppolo to throw deep.
  • Garoppolo promptly throws deep, and Kittle has the ball knocked out of his hands again.


    Great throw, great catch, great effort to stiffarm the defender into the dirt, great play. We are tied up at the end of the quarter.

  • If you were to tell me that two run-specialist defenders would combine in Greenlaw and D.J. Jones to force a 19 yard sack on Murray, I’d have said you were nuts.
  • Noooo…Fred Warner dropped a sure interception for a touchdown.
  • A chance to get the lead now, as legendary coach Hank Stram famously said: “Just keep matriculatin’ the ball down the field, boys.”
  • Jimmy looks in a groove, and the running game finally got a good gain. This is promising.

    And by promising, I mean there’s a flag on the field. Ugh.

  • Sanders looks great, no mean feat against Patrick Peterson.
  • KENDRICK BOURNE! Jimmy throws a precision strike and Bourne holds onto it. 14-7!
  • Deebo Samuel with a key catch there too on that drive, even if technically he bobbled it.
  • If there is one weakness with this San Francisco defense, they are a little susceptible to the run at times.

    Defense stands up again, can the offense make this a two score game?

  • Welcome to the game Matt Breida! Finally a good gain on the ground.
  • Third Down Kittle strikes again! That’s the Kittle we know and love.

    Garoppolo somehow pitched that falling over, that’s amazing athletic ability and a great play.

    HAHAHA! Kittle mugging into the camera is the best.

    Kittle is the best in everything.

    Ugh false start on 3rd and 1 in the redzone is NOT good.

    Great game by Sanders, draws the pass interference flag which is essentially a first down catch at the spot.


    I am SICK of these flags on touchdown plays. Six touchdowns negated by penalties this season.

    Deebo drops a sitter for a touchdown!

    That’s the worst drop by San Francisco all year and robs Jimmy of a third touchdown.

    4th and on the one. Do you go for it?

    Kittle may need to sit, his knee is giving him trouble.

    I love this aggression. Going for it to finish the half.

    Who gains the momentum to end the half?

  • Cardinals stuff Jeff Wilson, big play.
  • No wait! Kliff Kingsbury called timeout!?



    Since halftime, ESPN (yes we get that in Australia if you have paid TV) have had roughly a dozen adds on the SMU Mustangs.

    I’d love to see them in the playoffs if they get through undefeated but I doubt they would. But I think an undefeated team in any form deserves a shot.

    In short, make the playoff series eight teams.

    Second half to begin and 49ers have the ball, I don’t expect Kittle back.

    Garoppolo got sacked like he was a bull in a rodeo.

    Arizona look much sharper to begin the half. That last second touchdown may be key.

    Faster tempo and that’s really confusing the 49ers.

    They need better coverage on Drake, all Murray is doing is short screen and instant passes.

    Touchdown Arizona, a good drive engineered there.

    Up to Robert Saleh to engineer some adjustments.

    Kittle is still out there which may be necessary now. The guy is a warrior.

  • Tevin Coleman easily down before fumbling there, but Halloween should not be scaring me like this.
  • Australians don’t do Halloween, except for the kids that like to dress up and try to scam candy out of people who only give it to them because they can’t bear to be mean to children.

    What a throw to Sanders. That’s the prettiest throw of the year by Garoppolo.

    Cardinals have bottled up the run and dared Garoppolo to beat them, so far he is.


  • Dante Pettis getting into the action!
  • ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night…’

    People were waiting for it, but Garoppolo has just turned up the dial and shown the heights of the 49ers passing game.

    Don’t let the relative lack of sacks fool you, the 49ers are putting pressure on. But Kyler does a good job of extending plays.

  • As I say that, DeForest Buckner gets a sack.
  • Gee the Cardinals were SO close to a 1st down on that 3rd and 17.

    Luckily they were short by a yard, and a penalty made it moot anyway.

  • This is going to be running into the punter, and I am MAD about this.
  • I take it back, it’s a hold on Arizona. That’s fine.

    Looking at it again, that was SO close to a blocked punt.

  • Good stop by the Cardinals, but Mitch Wishnowsky pins them at about the five yard line.
  • Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

    Yes, I will say that the moment Wishnowsky first does something awesome.

    Beginning of the fourth quarter now, the 49ers could do with a takeaway which hasn’t happened all game for either team.

    The 49ers definitely having some issues with the running game tonight.

    I haven’t seen a Wildcat play in a while, that was weird.

    Defense came up big when it counts, this is still a two possession game at 28-17.

    Coleman drops a screen with a ton of space ahead. How many drops is that now?

    Garoppolo with a clutch third down completion to Deebo!

    The run game had for the most part been shut down, and Jimmy has shouldered this offense.

    Ugh, there’s some guy outside my house attaching blinds to the windows. Couldn’t he wait for a bit?

    The drill is still less annoying than Troy Aikman and Joe Buck at least.

    Every run on first down seems a wasted play right now, we aren’t far enough into the last quarter to think about cutting into the time.

    No more timeouts for the 49ers, hope that won’t be an issue.

    49ers punt, and this will be the key drive for both teams. 49ers stop the Cardinals and that should be enough, Cardinals score and they will be within one score with enough time to go for a tying or winning score.

  • The 49ers are cursed, Kwon Alexander could be out with a chest injury that could potentially be a torn pectoral.
  • Terrible defense, an 88 yard touchdown given up that really didn’t need to be.

    And now we have a ball game.

  • He’s played very well overall since starting but Emmanuel Moseley blew that coverage with that undercut. This was not the time to do that.
  • Two point conversion successful, 28-25 to the 49ers.

    Running the ball on first down has not worked, and it didn’t work here.

    Man I do not like this.


    He has been clutch all night.

    My heart is beating fast and I am so nervous.

    That’s very close, but Coleman has a clutch third down run here.

    What the hell is the announcer saying that foot isn’t in? THERE’S A STRIP OF GREEN BETWEEN THE FOOT AND THE SIDELINE! Aikman, is that you again?

    If this isn’t overturned, the Cardinals have one timeout left.

    If it is, this will be a hell of a decision for Kyle Shanahan to make.

    This surely can’t be overturned. There is NO evidence to overturn this.

    Correct call and the 49ers may escape the desert with the win.

    I would consider passing here. Fake the handoff and catch them napping. Jimmy is redhot.

    It’ll come down to this play. 49ers make the first down and it’s over. Cardinals make the stop and there’ll be one more drive.

    Great teams win games where they aren’t firing on all cylinders. This is a road divisional game on a short week, this would be the greatest of escapes.



    This is easily the best game he has ever had.

    This had trap game all over it, but Jimmy was laser focused tonight.

    One more kneel and the obligatory

    Richie James


    Next. 49ers squeak out eighth straight win, beat Cardinals on Thursday Night Football. dark

    8 and 0 baby!

    49ers escape the desert with the important divisional road game win, and we can all go home happy.

    Minus the chewed nails and heart palpitations.

    Happy Halloween everybody!