128 thoughts during 49ers lopsided Week 8 win over Panthers

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 27: Tevin Coleman #26 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates after scoring on a one-yard touchdown run against the Carolina Panthers during the third quarter of an NFL football game at Levi's Stadium on October 27, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)
SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 27: Tevin Coleman #26 of the San Francisco 49ers celebrates after scoring on a one-yard touchdown run against the Carolina Panthers during the third quarter of an NFL football game at Levi's Stadium on October 27, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

What goes through an Australian mind during a San Francisco 49ers game? We turn to Niner Noise’s resident Aussie in this new segment written during the game.

  • Good morning everybody, time for some San Francisco 49ers football!
  • Thank goodness for the power of coffee, it’s 6:30 a.m. here in Mount Pleasant in the state of South Australia.

  • My condolences to Carolina Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson, playing after the death of his mother.
  • I need more coffee, because I thought the Panthers were going for the longest field goal ever to start the game.

  • Emmanuel Sanders debut alert!
  • Another deflection for an inter–oh wait we’re in white this week.

  • In that case, George Kittle had a hell of a start to National Tight End Day.
  • I must say, it’s nice to be on the offensive side of a strong opening drive.

    It’s not an all running drive, but that’s OK.

  • Jimmy Garoppolo to Sanders for the touchdown! He’s going to fit in just fine.
  • Kyle Allen, meet Nick Bosa.
  • Touchdown drive + Three and out = Perfect start

    No Jimmy, come on. That pass was not there.

  • Arik Armstead with the third down sack. Whew.
  • 7-3 lead to the 49ers so far, Garoppolo got bailed out there.

    It’s National Tight End Day, so you’re right to give Kittle the ball.

    Well that, and he’s our best passing weapon.

    WOW! Garoppolo shrugs a sack and throws a rocket to Kittle and hangs onto it despite an illegal hit to the helmet. Great gain plus penalty.

    Meanwhile I can barely hang onto my coffee mug.

    Oh great, I really wanted to go back to the “touchdown taken back because of a flag” era this year.

    How dare they take away a touchdown to Kittle on National Tight End Day!

  • On the plus side, Tevin Coleman scored anyway. 14-3 49ers.
  • Carolina drop the kickoff return, defense are going to love this field position.

    End of the first quarter, games like these are worth getting up early for.

  • Emmanuel Moseley! He surely gets first crack as Richard Sherman‘s heir apparent.
  • Coleman is having a day, second TD of the game off that screen.

    This redzone offense looks so much more potent with Sanders in.

  • Congratulations to anyone with Tevin Coleman on their fantasy team by the way, thankfully my opponent has Matt Breida.
  • Mitch Wishnowsky laid a hell of a hit. Got penalized for it. A punter got a flag for a big hit.
  • It’s nice to see the other team get a flag after a big play for once.

  • When the hell did D.J. Jones become a pass rusher!?
  • HAHAHAHAHA someone swore very loudly into a mic there.

    How do you call false start and not say who it’s on? Half the uniforms are just giant numbers.

  • Justin Skule has been admirable so far, so getting beat once so far against a this potent Carolina defensive line isn’t too concerning.
  • Kyle Shanahan went nuts there, and someone yelled into the mic again. I have a prime suspect.

    Oh for goodness sake if the Panthers are going to drop kicks, they can have the decency to let us recover them.

  • For some reason Bosa was on coverage against Christian McCaffrey, it wasn’t actually bad coverage either despite the play being completed.
  • Armstead with a second sack! That’s four sacks, an interception, a dropped punt and dropped kickoff so far.

    I mean the dropped kicks aren’t technically because of San Francisco, but clearly the 49ers are in the heads of the Panthers.

    Sanders has had four catches. One was a touchdown and two are third down completions for a first down. This is what he’s done for the offense and this is against a top ten defense.


    Missed extra point due to a bobbled snap. Who even cares?

    HAHAHAHA the replay of Kittle during Coleman’s celebratory spike is amazing.

    That man is a national treasure.

    Once again, I am so thankful my fantasy opponent has Breida and not Coleman.

    Bosa again! Second sack of the half for him and fifth overall.

  • Bosa AGAIN! Six sacks this half!!!
  • Six sacks this half, 49ers season high coming into this game was four.

    Half time, and everyone is so happy right now.

    Coleman and Bosa are fighting it out for player of the game.

    Alright I’m back with some fresh coffee. Hoping to see some plays from different guys now.

  • I mean I love Bosa and Coleman, but guys like DeForest Buckner and Dante Pettis need some love too.
  • Niners defense gets it done to start the second half. The 49ers scored a touchdown on the first drive in the second half in every game until last week in the deluge that was the Washington game. Let’s see if the trend can continue in good weather at least.

    It’s on the two yard line after a good punt so this will be a challenge.

    Ugh Panthers score a safety. Garoppolo was just overwhelmed and had no chance to make a play.

    To be fair, considering the Panthers have the most sacks in the NFL and the 49ers are down both starting tackles and a fullback, conceding only two sacks thus far isn’t awful.

    Better than six in a half at least.

    Did the announcer just confuse a flag with a hot dog wrapper?

    Great, now I want a hot dog at 8:30 in the morning.

    Ugh, Panthers score and now they have a sniff. McCaffrey couldn’t be contained forever.

    Obvious defensive offside on that two-point attempt and we go again.

    And McCaffrey gets it.

    A rare defensive lapse, time for the offense to get it back.

  • Half of Deebo Samuel‘s touches in the league so far have been sweeps and reverses. For good reason.
  • If they’re going to stuff everyone in the box and let Kittle run free in the middle of the field, that’s fine for San Francisco.

    By the way, I’m jealous of everyone who got that Kittle bobblehead.

    One issue with being an Aussie fan, I never get a chance for any of that neat stuff.

    Kyle Shanahan is a genius. Deebo handoff goes to the house and what was a concerning start to the half has become a 34-13 lead.

    It’s just the sheer creativity, it’s so hard to prepare for.

    Still great defense, but I’m kinda curious if the team can make double-digit sacks but it looks as if the Panthers won’t hold onto the ball for long anymore.

  • Richie James has a curious but effective strategy of picking the ball up after it bounces on a punt (due to wind I’m guessing). He’s gotten some gains while the Panthers have dropped the ball a few times so can’t argue with the results.
  • First catch of the day to Pettis, he would have another but Garoppolo missed him on a screen before.

    Good coverage downfield by the Panthers, Garoppolo had time but no play to make.

    Yessss epic Wishnowsky punt!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

    It’s actually great to watch McCaffrey play, I haven’t seen a Panthers game all year so I wanted to see some of that MVP form.

    Especially when San Francisco are 21 points up now.

  • Oooh Jaquiski Tartt has an interception bounce off the fingertips.
  • Which is good for Sherman because he just intercepted the very next play anyway.

    The ref closest to Kittle didn’t call the most OBVIOUS pass interference, the back judge had to throw that.

    1st and Goal on the 1. quarterback sneak time?

    No, four TDs to Coleman.

    My condolences to anyone whose fantasy opponent has Coleman.


    That deserved to be a touchdown.

    End of the third quarter and the 49ers have 41 points.

  • Time to put the cue in the rack and let Nick Mullens get some gametime.
  • By the way, that’s three interceptions for the previously perfect Allen.

    I agree with the announcer, you throw on third down and you don’t give it to Kittle?

    This is National Tight End Day dammit!

    By the way I say announcer because even though I know who’s doing the game, I can’t tell which voice is which.

    The 49ers perfect redzone record today ends on the sixth attempt, but at 44-13 is anyone going to care?

    At this time I would like to thank the Arizona Cardinals for giftwrapping Bosa to the 49ers.

  • I mean I’m sure they’re happy with the early returns on Kyler Murray, but I’m also sure we’re happier with the early returns on Bosa.
  • I actually feel bad for Allen, he didn’t look like he was prepared enough for this game.

    The field goal was off an interception, they had a safety and the touchdown off the short field. They haven’t really driven down the field at all.

    Seriously why is Mullens not in? They’re just risking Garoppolo right now.

    They even got backup offensive linemen in now.

  • The announcers just confused a wrapper for a flag again.
  • In fairness, they’re right when they say people should use the proper trash receptacles.

    Don’t look at the screen like that, receptacles was their quote not mine.

    Every backup not named Mullens in there now.

    Panthers going for some junktime points.

  • Speaking of junktime stats, Ronald Blair gets a junktime sack (his third for the year, not all junktime) on fourth down.
  • Another drive for the offense, can we please get some quality Mullens time? Please?

  • 50 points broken off a Raheem Mostert play. This game has been a statement.
  • Mullens has been in for one play and it’s been a touchdown.

    MVP! MVP! MVP!

    No but seriously, this game has been great.

  • The announcer had three goes to name a wrestling move off the top rope and muffed all of them.
  • I mean you could technically do a piledriver, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Also, what the hell is a thunder punch? That sounds like he mixed wrestling with Pokemon.
  • Kittle needs to go talk to this announcer.

    Fourth down stop by the backups. Even in junktime this team does not want to give up those plays.

    Just a reminder this is the best defense the 49ers have played all year, and the best team in the NFL in terms of sacks. We’ve seen some plays by the Carolina defense, but overall Shanahan gets a huge A+ for putting up 51 points on a top ten defense.

    Also a reminder the offense is down three starter, and Breida was out for half the game.

    Defense has been strong too with Bosa and Armstead being incredible, but this is the game where the offense deserves the credit today.

    49ers will just kneel from here.

    One James victory formation celebratory somersault for the finish and that’ll do it.

    I’m not saying debuting this article was responsible for the win, but I’m not saying it isn’t.

    In seriousness, this is the game of the year so far. Bosa and Coleman (take your pick for who was better) led the way.

    7-0 start for San Francisco, and a huge divisional matchup against the Cardinals coming up.

    No. 1 pick v No. 2 pick. The Murray-Bosa bowl.

    Next. Panthers vs. 49ers: 3 reasons why San Francisco wins. dark

    And the clock ticks to zero (not before the aforementioned flip).

    Thank you for reading this today, if you like it then please let me know in the comments as I may yet make this experiment permanent.

    Go Niners!