When will the 49ers' 2024 regular-season schedule be released?

Well... we're waiting!
San Francisco 49ers helmet
San Francisco 49ers helmet / Robin Alam/ISI Photos/GettyImages

49ers fans don't have to wait too long before planning their fall calendars around the 2024 NFL regular-season schedule.

San Francisco 49ers fans are given the date of the Super Bowl months in advance, almost always the second Sunday in February. The dates for the annual NFL Draft are announced well in advance, too, almost always falling over the last weekend in April.

Heck, even the NFL Scouting Combine dates are made public long before it takes place.

But, the regular-season schedule release? It's always elusive.

Exactly why the NFL doesn't make the announcement date set in stone months (or at least weeks) in advance of the event isn't clear. Just like everything else, the league has turned the schedule release into its own spectacle, meaning fans want to know and would be more than willing to watch three hours of TV to see the coverage.

The NFL will do what it wants, though. And Niners fans will have to wait.

But, not for long.

When will the 49ers' 2024 schedule be released?

Normally, the league announces the official regular-season schedule over the first full week in May.

For 2024, though, it's pushed back a week, which was part of the speculation shared by Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

It turns out that Florio was correct in his prediction.

According to a report from Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, one shared by ESPN's Adam Schefter, the 2024 NFL regular-season schedule release will take place on Wednesday, May 15 at 8 p.m. ET:

San Francisco is likely to receive the full slate of five primetime games. And while we don't know exactly when those will be, we can go through the list of 49ers opponents this season and come up with best guesses.

Whether or not those guesses will be correct, however, likely won't be determined until May 15.

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