Updated tackle prospect rankings for the 49ers after NFL Combine

The 49ers have been long linked to a tackle in the first round, but who's on top of the rankings after the NFL Combine?

Notre Dame v Stanford
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The 49ers are heavily favored to take a tackle in the first round of the NFL Draft, but what does the draft class look like after the NFL Combine?

It's no secret the San Francisco 49ers desperately need to pay attention to their tackle situation in the draft, and it just so happily coincides with the fact that tackle is without a doubt the single deepest position in the draft this year.

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It wouldn't be surprising if more than 10 tackles were taken in the first round this year given the depth. Week 1 starters can be found even if the Niners stood pat at No. 31.

But with 11 picks in the draft and a stacked roster that is Super Bowl worthy, don't rule out a move on Thursday night if the 49ers do fall in love with a tackle. Especially since they met with players who frankly are unlikely in the extreme to fall to No. 31 by themselves.

The 49ers have other ways they can go with the pick, of course, and we will look at them in due course.

But here's an extensive ranking of the tackles prospects right now.

Top 10 tackles in the 2024 NFL Draft




Draft Range


Joe Alt

Notre Dame

Top 10


J.C. Latham


Top 16


Amarius Mims


Top 20


Olumuyiwa Fashanu

Penn State

Top 20


Taliese Fuaga

Oregon State

Top 20


Tyler Guyton


Top 25


Troy Fautanu


Top 25


Jordan Morgan


Round 1 - Round 2


Kingsley Suamataia


Round 1 - Round 2


Graham Barton


Round 1 - Round 2

1. Joe Alt, Notre Dame

A 6-foot-9, 321 behemouth with long arms and incredible athleticism for his large frame, Joe Alt is the consensus top tackle who could go as high as No. 5 to the Los Angeles Chargers come Thursday night. You can tell right away that Alt played tight end before moving to tackle, with that and his basketball background playing a role in how smooth he moves.

The only flaw to his game is that being so tall, he finds it hard with his bend and thus allows EDGEs to get in and through to his chest, knocking him off balance at times. This is correctable though, and teams are going to love him after his strong Combine performance confirmed his status as one of the top tackles in this class.

Can the 49ers get him? Unfortunately, it's hard to find an avenue for the team to move as high as they'll need to. They'd need teams to focus on other positions, but truth be told a franchise left tackle is hard to ignore.

2. J.C. Latham, Alabama

J.C. Latham is an enigma for this draft. On the one hand he projects as a right tackle moreso than a left tackle which is not something you'd normally expect for the No. 2 tackle in a deep class. On the otherhand, he does everything so well there that you could pick him and have a top starter there for a decade or more.

J.C. Latham is a good size at 6-foot-6 and 342 pounds, but he simply lacks the expert athleticism you expect at the next level for a blindside protector. While Latham was excellent overall at the Combine to cement his status as the No. 2 tackle, he ranked 15th overall in his athleticism scores. Maybe a team will still see him as a left tackle though, as he's a very accomplished pass protector who only let through two sacks when playing for Alabama. He's very strong, so only speed rushers will be able to beat him at the next level.

The 49ers definitely need a right tackle, and an avenue for Latham to slip into a range where the 49ers can trade to get him isn't impossible if teams view him only as a right tackle and look elsewhere. It's also noteworthy he was one of the tackles the team met with at the Combine.

3. Amarius Mims, Georgia

A Day 1 starter with some serious draft momentum after a highly success NFL Combine, Amarius Mims ticks all the boxes you want from a future left tackle. The only concern is whether or not his lack of experience could be an issue for him entering the NFL.

Running a 5.07 40-yard time while standing at 6-foot-8 and 340 pounds was seriously impressive. From a physical standpoint, he's one of the best prospect in the entire draft. He ticks every box from a strength, size and athleticism standpoint too. He'sa bit raw due to his lack of collegiate experience, but a team is going to love him and look to mold him. He could surprise and be the second tackle off the board.

Also, another one to tick off on the 49ers meeting list.

4. Olumuyiwa Fashanu, Penn State

Unlike the top three tackles, Olumuyiwa Fashanu's draft stock is on a slide after he got hurt running his 40-yard time and couldn't do his drills. This is a highly competitive class, so Fashanu needs to do well at the Penn State pro day if he wants any chance to rehab his stock and get back in the top three tackles.

Fashanu is a good size at 6-foot-6 and 312 pounds, but team sources see Fashanu as a bit overhyped by the media and is merely a good left tackle prospect and not an exceptional one. That being said that doesn't mean by ay stretch Fashanu is a bad player. He's simply an efficient, solid player with good size and athleticism but nothing that stands out especially much. Still, an efficient left tackle is good enough for the pros and Fashanu is still a solid first-round prospect.

5. Taliese Fuaga, Oregon State

Tackle or guard? This is the question facing Taliese Fuaga after the Combine after measuring in at 6-foot-6 and 324 pounds but also 33 1/8 inch arms. As a general rule of thumb, teams like their tackles to measure in at 34 inches or more so Fuaga is a bit undersized.

There is some merit to having him at right tackle though. He was a very solid tackle throughout his career at Oregon State and tested exceptionally well at the Combine athletically with a 32 inch vertical jump and a 5.13 40-yard time which is quite impressive for his weight. He's a very strong run blocker who needs some help with his footwork in pass protection, but the potential is there. It's hard to know what the 49ers think his best position is, but he is one of the tackles they met with at the Combine.

6. Tyler Guyton, Oklahoma

An athletic freak at 6-foot-8 and 322 pounds who's as talented as they come, Tyler Guyton is the positional boom-or-bust pick with excellent measurables but who also needs a lot of coaching up given how raw he is. The 49ers are interested, as he's one of the guys they met with.

Guyton is so strong and fast on tape, absolutely flying to lay a block. He's guilty of technique lapses at time and overrelying on his physical gifts, but there's no doubt that a team with a good coaching patience can teach him everything he needs to know. He could be perfect for the 49ers, learning his craft at right tackle before eventually moving to the blindside.

7. Troy Fautanu, Washington

Some will have Troy Fautanu higher than this, but he is extremely short for a tackle at 6-foot-3. That being said he weighs an acceptable 317 pounds and tested extremely well at the Combine including a very impressive 5.01 40-yard time, so a team might see a future for him at tackle as opposed to moving him to guard. It helps that his arms measured in over the 34-inch rule of thumb at 34.5 inches.

Fautanu isn't very powerful for a tackle, relying instead on finesse and athleticism. He's a strong run blocker despite this though, but his pass protection is sloppy at times with his hand placement all over the place and sometimes being overly aggressive trying to lay his block. I simply don't know if the size is there to be a NFL right tackle.

8. Jordan Morgan, Arizona

We love Jordan Morgan here at Niner Noise, and the 49ers loved him enough to meet at the Combine too. Morgan tested very well as expected as an athletic specimen. Between his Combine performance and strong senior year at Arizona, the 49ers might not be able to take him at No. 31 anymore.

Morgan measured in slightly taller than expected at 6-foot-5 and 311 pounds. He followed this up with a strong athletic performance including a 5.04 40-yard time and a swift 1.70 10-yard split. He is a finesse blocker for the next level, but he has strong left tackle upside.

9. Kingsley Suamataia, BYU

Kingsley Suamataia had seen his draft stock fall a lot from what some considered to be a top-10 ceiling to him to being out of the first round entirely. He needed a strong Combine to reverse this momentum and bring himself back to first-round prominence, which he certainly achieved.

Despite measuring in at 6-foot-5 and 326 pounds, Suamataia ran the 40 in 5.04 seconds with a 1.74 10-yard split. The cousin of elite Lions tackle Penei Sewell, Suamataia has elite athleticism for the position but suffered from a poor second half to the year and an inconsistent Senior Bowl.

The 49ers met with him at the Combine and could be in contention for the No. 31 pick. He needs developing, but the upside is undeniable and he would have a perfect teacher in Trent Williams.

10. Graham Barton, Duke

Another that we can put both on the 49ers meeting list and the "is he a tackle or a guard?" list, Graham Barton measured in at the Combine at 6-foot-5 and 313 pounds. The problem facing Barton however is his arm measurements were very small at 31 7/8 inches.

Barton is a better run blocker at this stage in his career, as he's a mauler who consistently blasts open running lanes. When it comes to pass protection, Barton is being beaten inside at times as he allows himself to drift outside. There's potential here though, because at Duke he was generally excellent at pass protection. He just needs to limit these problems.

What makes Barton very special is even if he can't play left tackle due to his arms, he could play all four positions elsewhere on the line. Some teams will still see him as a tackle, others as a guard and some teams could consider him as a center given he played there as a freshman. The 49ers favor versatility greatly in their offensive line and Barton could be a safe choice at No. 31 to be an excellent interior lineman if nothing else.

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