2024 NFL Mock Draft: Plugging the holes to push 49ers to Super Bowl

The less said about the 49ers' Super Bowl heartbreak, the better for all of us. But that doesn't mean we don't immediately try to go one better next season.

Arizona v Arizona State
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We're all experiencing the heartache, but the battle never stops. The 49ers will look to go one better next season, and this mock draft would help fill the holes in the roster.

OK, let's not dwell on the stuff that's still breaking our hearts. The San Francisco 49ers lost the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.

We saw it, we experienced, the heartbreak is still there.

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With the season over, we must now turn our attention to the 2024 NFL Draft. Just because the Niners lost, doesn't mean they don't immediately try to go one better next season. They're still immensely talented, and they still can win it all.

But San Francisco isn't perfect, and there are gaps to fill for next season. Luckily the team can plug its biggest weakness with the biggest strength of this year's draft, but what about beyond the first round?

We won't go too far in depth, as we can save that for closer to the draft.

For now, here's a quick pick-by-pick basis and why each mocked prospect to the 49ers would be a good fit.

Jordan Morgan. player. . 31. 31. Jordan Morgan. . Offensive Tackle. 511. San Francisco 49ers

A talented tackle who sits at 6-foot-4 and 312 pounds, Jordan Morgan has had a monster year at Arizona allowing only one sack all season.

Morgan can start immediately at right tackle, working as an understudy to All-World tackle Trent Williams before kicking over to the blindside when the latter retires. Morgan is a great athlete, but he is a bit of a finesse blocker, which is leaving him a bit behind the other elite tackle prospects in this draft class.

But, with some training, Morgan could develop into a strong, prototypical blindside tackle.