Superstar wide receiver just set the ceiling for new Brandon Aiyuk contract

At least we know Brandon Aiyuk won't be asking for a contract bigger than the one dished out by the Vikings for their star receiver, Justin Jefferson.
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson
Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

The Vikings' Justin Jefferson just got a whopping new contract extension, which has some serious influence on what the 49ers' own, Brandon Aiyuk, will want.

The San Francisco 49ers are reportedly still far apart on figures for a new contract with their top wide receiver, Brandon Aiyuk, according to the latest reports.

It's not a big surprise. The Niners have a history of waiting to finalize such extensions until training camp, which won't begin until July. And it might be in Aiyuk's best interest to wait, too, so the offseason wide receiver market settles down.

The exact number Aiyuk is seeking after leading San Francisco in receiving yards the previous two years isn't yet known.

But two of the NFL's top wide receivers who are in similar situations, the Dallas Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb and the Minnesota Vikings' Justin Jefferson, could help influence whatever amount Aiyuk is looking to command on a new deal.

On Monday, Jefferson finally received his new contract. And it's a big one.

Justin Jefferson receives record-breaking extension, what does it mean for Brandon Aiyuk?

Jefferson, widely considered the NFL's best overall receiver going right now, just received a four-year extension worth up to $140 million, $110 million of which is guaranteed, according to a report from

That's an average annual value of $35 million per year.

Aiyuk isn't quite on the same level as Jefferson, suggesting his own asking price won't go above $35 million, annually, nor will Aiyuk likely ask for the guaranteed total of $110 million.

However, it's feasible to assume Aiyuk will want in the range of $30 million per year on something close to a four-year deal, too, perhaps with $80 million guaranteed.

According to Over the Cap, the 49ers now have more than $25 million available in cap space after the post-June 1 release designation for now-Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Arik Armstead was let go earlier this offseason. In 2025, though, the Niners are projected to be $41.6 million over the cap, meaning there will likely have to be some serious cap maneuvering by the front office.

And that doesn't even factor in what'll be a lucrative contract extension for star quarterback Brock Purdy.

Either way, at least both Aiyuk and San Francisco know the highest ceiling for a new contract extension, thanks to Jefferson and the Vikings.

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